2011-2013 CCSS Legislation Categories

Definitions of Categories:

Adoption or enabling – bills or resolutions that either direct an appropriate state authority or agency to adopt the CCSS, or bills that enable a state authority or agency to implement the CCSS

Alignment – bills that align existing state law to conform to the intent of the CCSS. Alignment subcategories include:

  • Assessments

  • Curriculum or instructional materials

  • Early childhood education

  • English language learners

  • High school graduation requirements

  • Higher education

  • Instruction

  • Students with cognitive disabilities

  • Professional development

  • Teacher evaluations.

    Appropriation – bills that provide a line item within a budget bill designated for implementing the CCSS

    Legislative Approbation – bills or resolutions that acknowledge and/or encourage state involvement in the CCSS

    Legislative Disapprobation – bills or resolutions that express formal legislative disapproval of the CCSS but stop short of requiring revocation of the CCSS

    Review – bills or resolutions that establish a formal review of the implantation of the CCSS or the costs associated with implementation

    Revocation – bills or resolutions that require the state to revoke previous adoption of the CCSS

    Other  All other bills that evade easy categorization