The greatest challenge to science and technology in the coming decades will be the search for sustainable sources of materials, energy, food and water supplies for all humanity. With global population likely to exceed ten billion by 2050 and the evolution of a society increasingly driven by consumption, man’s insatiable need for food, water, energy and materials will bring severe distortions in the manner in which we manage and harvest biological (land and water) resources. With the emphasis on the construction of a sustainable society in harmony with the environment, considering the lion share of chemical sciences in the development of the technologies for the conversion of value added products is one of the most important and exciting challenges. In this context, here in we organizing national conference on “Sustainable Chemistry: Challenges and Opportunities” for the value addition to discuss different aspects by considering the challenges and opportunities associated with following current topics in Chemical Sciences.

            The main aim of this conference is to provide a platform for the researchers in academics, industries and research institutions for exchanging and upgrading their knowledge in different fields of Chemistry and also their sustainability aspects. The conference include invited talks, plenary lectures from speakers of leading research institutions and contributed research papers in various areas of Chemistry by participants.


Thrust Areas

Nanomaterials and Devices                              Organometallics and Materials Chemistry

Catalysis                                                            Organic Synthesis

Co-ordination Chemistry                                   Polymer Chemistry

Bio-organic and Green Chemistry                    Composites materials 
Solid State Chemistry                                        Environmental Chemistry