NCS2016 Chairman and Local Committee Members 
  • David Willé, GSK
  • Pete Ceuppens, InferStats
  • Katrina Gore, Independent Consultant
  • Thomas Jaki, Lancaster University
Scientific Committee Members
  • Luc Bijnens, J&J
  • Bruno Boulanger, Arlenda
  • Helena Geys, J&J and Univ. Hasselt
  • Ludwig Hothorn, Univ. Hannover
  • Tom Jacobs, J&J
  • Pierre Lebrun, Arlenda
  • Richardus Vonk, Bayer Pharma AG 
Conference Administrator
  • Amélie Hendroteaux, Arlenda 
Quetelet Society Accountant
  • Hilde Zurings, Univ. Hasselt
For further details, contact the chair David Willé or co-chair Kat Gore. We warmly thank the Quetelet Society, the Belgian Chapter of the International Biometrics Society, for their financial contribution and support of this conference.