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Fantasy Baseball- I do okay at fantasy baseball with my wife's family. The season is so long and the games so close together that I can just use database and statistical techniques to come out on top in the long run. People can still beat me if they micro-manage, but few have the time.  

Fantasy Football- It looks like I do NOT do okay in fantasy football. The reason for this is that the season is short enough and the games spread out enough that everybody has time to micro-manage. Which means I lose. Oh well. I still enjoy it. 

March Madness

This is a Cooprider family tradition. It is pretty intense. We use ESPN's Tournament Challenge website to run our brackets. Below are some sites for help on making picks.

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Jason McElwain

Big Papi

2006 BYU vs. UofU football game

This was a very exciting game that was decided after time had actually expired! While a lot could be said here, I just want to post two pictures.

The first picture shows the "final" score on ESPN as being BYU 27 and Utah 31 at 5:15 pm. This was after the game had finished, but evidently the ESPN guys (like most of the Utah fans) thought things were all finished when BYU needed a touchdown with a minute and a half to go. So evidently somebody stopped watching the game.

Of course, that is not the final score. With three seconds left BYU started the last play of the game and the U's prevent defense did not prevent anything. ESPN did catch their error and fifteen minutes later it was fixed:

ESPN did reward BYU with the #1 spot for the sportscenter plays of the day, but I still thought it was funny to see them goof on what was their most important news item of the day (well, USC over Notre Dame might be more important, but it was less exciting).