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Interview questions

Below are some of the technical questions I have been asked in an interview. If you are having a technical interview in Computer Science, use these to warm up:

  • Do a deletion on a linked list
  • Reverse the bits in an int
  • Implement a string search and replace
  • Create aligned versions of malloc and free
  • Count the color clusters of three or more in a binary tree
  • Object-oriented design of an alarm clock
  • Return the "Hello" string in C without allocation
  • What does printf("abcdef\n"+1); print?
  • Store all the words in a book
  • Emulate a 7-sided die with 5-sided dice
  • Count pairs which add to certain sum in a list
  • How do you make a function reentrant?
  • What does the stack frame look like during a function call?
  • What are the different types of variables? local, global, static, register, pointer
  • Write some code to determine the endian-ness of a machine
  • Design a file system for a scratchpad memory

Job sites

These are links to companies, universities, job searches, social networking sites, etc. They are private, hidden, secret, public, or anything in between. They are useful for finding internships (and now, since I'm graduating in a year, jobs) in Computer Science.

BYU Alumni Job Search

BYU Alumni Placement

BYU Career Fairs

BYU CS Careers & Employment

BYU CS Internships

University of Utah Career Services

School of Computing's Job Board

School of Computing's Outreach Portal


ACM Career & Job Center - Member Job Board

Research Laboratories (Google)

Academic Job resources

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