Flash Games

Get the Glass - A fun little "board game" about helping a family get some milk. The animation is great and the game is pretty fun, although the mini-games are a bit frustrating.

Tonties- This game is fun and addicting. It is also really hard after the first few levels. Lucky for you, I have collected some cheat codes to get better items. 816475239 gets you the bronze hammer, 965813472 gets you the silver hammer, 726538941 gets you everything. 

Pointer- This is a simple and fun game.

Ball Bounce- Another simple and fun one.

RaidenX- It is not that bad. I have not played it that much. I found it too hard to get into, but I still thought it was pretty cool.

Turbocharged Penguins-  Even though this is an advertisement (you know you have all played the orbitz games, admit it) it is still pretty fun for a while. Eventually I had to just let my penguin fall, though. The secret is to turbocharge when the bird is falling off the screen in space (when you get that far). 

Hapland- This game is sort of a cross between the incredible machine, lemmings, lost vikings and worms. Of course, it is actually not like any of those. It is addicting. Here are solutions: 1 2 3 

Worldmap- Think you are all that and a bag of chips when it comes to geography? Try this on for size. I am absolutely horrible, but it is a fun little educational game.

Dice- Want to play a simple and quick version of risk? Here it is. The game is simple enough, although I am not sure what the best strategy is yet. 

catchThirtyThree- This one is a simple concept and pretty fun. High scores didn't seem to work for me, though. Don't forget to click on the "?" before starting so you know what you are about to do. 

Hit the penguin- This is one of the first flash games I really played. The trick is to hit the little guy so he goes the farthest he can while still landing on his stomach. That way he slides. 

N-Game- You are a ninja. Need I say more? 

Chicktionary - A Live Search Club game that involves using a set of letters in order to form anagrams. Somewhat addicting.