Church Links


I wrote this page to target members of the LDS church. In our church meetings we teach and learn of the gospel, but we do not generally talk about the tools available to us online. This is a collection I am making of these resources. Some are better than others, but they are all useful. If you know of something I should include please let me know.

Official LDS sites

Beta version of new LDS site- The church is redoing its web site with several neat improvements.

josephsmith.netprovidentliving.orgDistribution Services

Scripture Mastery mp3s- In seminary we are supposed to learn these scripture mastery scriptures, but it is probably good for everybody to be familiar with them. Here they are in audio format and you can play them in your mp3 player to help you memorize!

Institute Manuals, Institute Manuals- The institute manuals are cheap enough that you might as well just purchase the ones you really want for easier use. However, here you can look them over to see which ones you want.

mp3s of Church materials- This is my particular favorite right now. You can put the scriptures, the ensign, the priesthood/relief society manual, and a lot more on your mp3 player. This can help in a lot of ways. Specifically, this makes "reading" the lessons ahead of time much easier.

Church videos- There is not much here yet, but it has the potential to be really cool. I will be keeping my eyes on this to see when more videos get uploaded.

BYU sites

Digital Roots- The computer science department at BYU has a family history research tools laboratory. It produces a number of interesting and useful genealogy tools.

Free BYU Courses- While these are not the same courses you can pay to take, these do cover some interesting and practical topics.

Other sites

Utah Valley PAF Users Group- I found this while my wife and I were searching for information as family history consultants. Users groups like these exist in many different places. If you use PAF you might look up the one nearest you.