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Serial No.NameSeasonCharactersDescriptionDate of Airing
Aaj Main Khelunga Soap Bubble Se Shin Chan, Nene, Mitzi, Kazama, Bo(Suzuki), Masao, Harry Shin gets inspired by Nene's bubble blower and asks Mitzi to buy one for him as well.Mitzi,being "selfish" has other ideas for Shin as she gives him a home-made blower.Later ,Shin challenges Kazama for a bubble battle.Find out what happened next in this classic episode June 23, 2010 
Aaj Mujhe Mila Hai Ek Purse Shin Chan ,Mitzi ,Nene ,Policeman, Unnamed Lady, Chowmein Delivery Boy Shin and Nene find a mysterious purse on the road and go to the police station to deposit it.See what happens when Mitzi arrives at the police station in this classic episode June 23, 2010 
Nene Ki Mom Ganda Khana Banati Hai Shin Chan, Kazama ,Nene, Mrs.Sakurada, Two Unnamed Girls, Suzuki, Masao Kazama,Shin and others are invited to Nene's tea party where Shin irritates Mrs.Sakurada to an extent. June 24, 2010 
Mere Ghar Aaya Ek Zakhmi Sparrow Shin, Tomy, Harry, Mitzi, Nene Shin and Nene were taking a walk when they come across an injured bird.Shin protects the bird from the cat and takes her home for treating her injured wing.One of the most heart-touching episodes. June 25, 2010 
Aaj Hogi Nene aur Meri Adla Badli  Shin, Nene, Mitzi, Mrs.Sakurada Nene comes to Shin's house as her mother is out for shopping.Mitzi plays a game by exchanging the childs and soon Nene's Mom appears.A huge chaos takes place in this episode. June 28, 2010 
Aaj Hogi Mashimaro Ki Pitai Shin, Mitzi, Mashimaro, Mrs.Honda, Nene, Suzuki, Masao, Gaurd Lady A bully named Mashimaro Honda teases Nene and friends when Shin gets to the rescue.Later,her mom calls Mitzi in this hillarious tale. June 29, 2010 
Saaf Safai Mujhse Nahin Hoti Shin,Mitzi,Shinobu Shin is asked to clean the house with Mitzi but instead runs away with the toys at Shinobu's house. June 30, 2010 
University Ki Ek Ladki Meri Dost Hai Shin,Shinobu,Hiroshi, Mitzi,Ai The episode starts from Harry dreaming again of Ai but wakes up and Mitzi tells him that Shin is missing.On the other hand,Shin was at Shimobu's house having fun and soon Hiroshi also comes there. July 1, 2010 
Chalo Aaj Shiro Ko Ghumane Le Chalte Hai  Shin, Mitzi, Shiro, Unnamed Man and his dog, Harry After the latest entry into the family Shiro,Mitzi asks Shin to take him to a walk.Shin does something very very hillarious in this episode. July 2, 2010 
10 Aaj Hum Janenge Tadpoles Ke Baare Mein Shin, Kazama, Midori, Nene, Bo, Masao, Matsuzaka, Other Students Kazama brings some tadpoles to school and everyone's getting excited to see them except for Shin who has some other plans. July 5, 2010 
11 Aayie Chalte Hai Dad Ke Office Shin, Harry, Mitzi, Harry's Boss and other collaegues Harry forgets some important stuff home when Mitzi along with Shin come to give the file and have fun as a family. July 6, 2010 
12 Aaj Aayega Typhoon Shin,Mitzi,Harry,News Reporter Shin and Mitzi are at home when a typhoon comes which is revealed something else at the end. July 7, 2010 
13 Pool Mein Khelne Ka Waqt Aa Gaya Shin,Mitzi,Yoshinaga and classmates It's a pool time in school as everyone enjoys in the pool, Shin also do in his own way. July 9, 2010 
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