My Approach

The tools I use, and why I use them:

Currently, I have the privilege of contributing to some of the study materials that are found on Dr. Linton Hutchinson's website, but prior to being in this position I was a devoted supporter of his study program because it worked for me.

As a direct result of having benefited from the use of when I was an exam candidate, I fully endorse the site and encourage others to utilize it as they prepare for the NCMHCE. In addition, I use the site as my main tutoring tool to assist with the test preparation process.

Dr. Hutchinson's website provides a number of study aids to facilitate thorough exam preparation, but the section of the site I use during tutoring sessions is the "Simulation" section. The NCMHCE consists of 10 case simulations, and I feel that the simulations generated by Dr. Hutchinson's site do a comprehensive job of preparing test takers for the type of format that is seen on the NCMHCE.

What you can expect from a tutoring session with me:

In my experience, I have found that in addition to specific and unique obstacles to each individual, there tend to be three general barriers that stand in the way of exam candidates feeling confident about passing the NCMHCE. First, many test takers have difficulty differentiating between what information is "indicated," and what information is "not indicated." Second, naturally, most NCMHCE candidates take the knowledge they have acquired through employment and try to apply it to their test taking strategy. Unfortunately, the protocol that most of us have become comfortable with at work is not the protocol that needs to be applied to preparing for the NCMHCE, and often times breaking away from this mindset requires an enormous amount of effort and patience. Lastly, in more cases than not, one of the biggest barriers standing in the way of a test taker successfully passing the exam is themselves, and at the root of that is an erupting volcano of anxiety.

My interpretation of these more "general" hurdles is that I see them as often as I do because I should. Quite frankly, 1) no one knows how to flawlessly weed out what is irrelevant and what is not on this exam without learning a strategy, 2) we should have the protocol that we have learned through our jobs engrained in us, and 3) the very nature of this exam is incredibly anxiety provoking. If you feel like you have stumbled as a result of any of the three roadblocks I have mentioned, I want to congratulate you on accomplishing the task of being human! My goal is not to strip you of your human characteristics, but instead, it is to encourage you to turn your limitations into strengths. In other words, how can we tap into your ability to differentiate between an obvious indicated answer and an obvious not indicated answer? How can we take what you have learned at your work place and incorporate it appropriately into your exam strategy? And, how can we manage your anxiety so that it works to your advantage instead of working against you?

During your first tutoring session, I will quietly watch you go through a couple of simulations so I can see the way you naturally navigate your way through the case. This allows me to assess which areas you could work on to improve your overall approach to the test, as well as providing me with the information necessary to tailor a tutoring program to your specific needs. As we continue, I go through simulations with you and guide you in the right direction so that you are able to develop a solid formula to approaching simulations as well as good test taking habits. I will provide you with recommendations for how to apply a different perspective to your test preparation as well as extensive feedback, homework assignments and helpful exercises to complete in between our meetings.

Preparing for the NCMHCE requires more than a one day commitment, and I am here to help you stay accountable and take responsibility for your success as well as provide you with support when the going gets tough. My hope is to be your secret weapon to passing, and I am as dedicated to you conquering the NCMHCE as you are.

Where I conduct tutoring sessions:

Skype: The majority of the people I tutor meet with me via Skype (a software application that allows users to make voice and video calls over the Internet) as this tool allows me to "Screen Share." Screen Sharing allows me to see exactly what is on your screen which means that I can read through a simulation with you as you read it, discuss the answer choices with you before we continue onto other sections, and see your score after a simulation is complete. Essentially, Skype allows me to work with you as if we were face-to-face and working through a simulation together on one computer.

Telephone: If you are not comfortable with the Skype application, I am able to provide tutoring services via telephone. When I utilize this format, I pull up whichever simulation we decide to tackle first, and together we talk through the case.

In person: I am located in Tampa, FL. If you live locally, I am able to provide tutoring services in person.