On-going projects

2. Research on container orchestration technologies for IoT edge service infrastructure (NRF, 2019.06~2022.02.)

1. BK21 Plus Project with Chungbuk Information Technology Center (NRF, 2016.09.~2020.08.)

Completed projects

4. A research on small-scale mobile ad-hoc network with bio-networking technology (ADD, 2017.12~2019.12.)

3. A research on the programmable IoT service infrastructure technology with SDN/NFV (NRF, 2016.11.~2019.10.)

2. A research on open network platform for SDN/NFV (Chungbuk National University, 2016.03.~2017.08.)

1. A research on high scalability and availability for Transport SDN technology (ETRI, 2016.07. ~ 2016.12.)