High School Ensembles

Concert Band

Concert band meets during fifth period on odd days.  Band members should bring instrument, music, and proper equipment to all rehearsals and performances.  Chair auditions will be held directly after marching band is over, but parts will be rotated throughout each section.  Concert band holds numerous concerts throughout the year.

Marching Band
All North Cedar High School Band members are in the marching band.  There is a summer band camp in August before school starts.  The marching band rehearses and performs throughout August, September, and October.  The marching band performs at all home varsity football games.  

Pep Band

Pep band is required for all band members.  The pep band performs at selected home varsity basketball games throughout the winter.  We play a lot of oldies and pop music!

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is open to band members interested in the study of jazz music and improvisation.  The season runs October to March.  All Jazz Band rehearsals are held outside of school.  Jazz Band members are required to be at all performances and rehearsals.