The dojo (school) is a special place where we train spiritually, physically and mentally. The students should respect the dojo and observe the following etiquette:

1. The students should observe the training schedule. The students should try not to be late for training.
2.  Before entering the dojo, remove outer clothing such as coat, scarf and hat. After taking off your shoes at the entrance, place them neatly in order. If you find some shoes in disorder, place them in order, also.
3.  All students will pay respect to the Dojo (school) by a courtesy nod (no bowing) upon entering or leaving the dojo.
4.  Your Instructor(s) will be called "SENSEI" OR "SEMPAI" during Karate classes.
5.  If a senior student is standing behind you at the entrance, let him go in first.   When lining up, do not cross in front of students already in line.  Rather go behind.
6.  Always be polite to your instructors, senior students and elders and to each other.
7.  Provide a courtesy nod to the instructor, senior students and each other with appreciation and respect.
8.   The beginners and colored belt students should seek to ask the senior students if they have any questions.
9. Before starting practice, go to the restroom.
10. Keep your training clothes clean and tidy. Always practice in clean training clothes in the dojo.
11.  Keep your fingernails and toenails short, to prevent injury to other stu­dents when practicing together.
12.  Do not eat for at least an hour before practice.
13.  Do not forget to do warm up exercises before practicing, even if you are practicing alone.
14.  When you observe the training at the dojo, sit in the proper way, and do not stretch your legs out, slouch, or lean against the walls.  Put your hands on your lap.
15.  When an instructor calls for training to begin, line up smartly. 
16.  While practicing, listen carefully and seriously to the advice and instructions given to you.
17.  When an instructor gives you some advice, listen carefully and sincerely. Do not forget to show that you have heard and understood the advice.
18.  Do not forget to thank any one who gives you advice on karate.
19.  Each student should know his/her physical condition, stamina and physical strength well. Do not force yourself to do the impossible.
20.  The instructor should always observe the physical condition of each student. Take a short break in the middle of the training period.
21.  Five minutes before the end of the training period, do the closing exercises together with all the students.
22.  Excessively hot baths are not good for you. Nor should you spend too long taking a bath.  Minimize a hot bath to 30 minutes.
23.  When you injure yourself, do not practice until the injury has completely healed. Watch the training during these periods.
24.  All students are expected to join in the exercise unless physical problems prevent participation.
25.  No student will "try something new" without first obtaining permission from the instructor.
26.  When you use the training equipment, handle it with care, and put it back in the correct place after using it.
27.  MANDATORY: All students are required to wear protective gear (headgear, footgear, safe hand pads or gloves, groin protector (men), chest protector (female), and mouth piece during sparring sessions.  The striking range will be below the neck and above the groin.
28.  Monthly dues are due on your date of registration.
29.  Jewelry will not be worn during practice.
30.  All students are encouraged to practice at home often, especially when unable to attend classes.
31.  There will be no loud talking or playing during classes.
32.  All students will provide a courtesy nod (no bowing) to each other, prior to, and after sparring.
33.  All students are expected to join in the exercise unless physical problems prevent otherwise.
34.  All students will be on time for class, if working schedule permits.
35.  Students will not argue with each other or create a disturbance in the class. Should differences arise as to how certain things should be done the correction will be made by the Instructor.
36.  All students are required to wear "loose-fitting" clothing or a Karate uniform during practice.
No Students will attend any other Martial Arts School without the knowledge of the Chief instructor of this DOJO (school).