The South East Asian Regional Association for Medical Education (SEARAME) is one of the six regional Associations established under the umbrella of World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) and is actively supported by WHO-SEARO, since WHO and WFME are in strategic alliance to improve the quality and relevance of medical education in the SE Asia region. The key objectives of the association are to contribute to the setting of standards in medical education for good practices with regard to teaching and assessment, taking special note of the standards developed by WFME.  It aims to foster communication and collaboration amongst medical educators in the region and beyond, while stimulating the sharing of best practices. It also aims to promote exchange of faculty and resources through meetings, journal, conferences etc. Sharing experiences and thoughts provide a powerful platform for learning by all. One of the objectives of the Association is also to promote the collaboration and synergy between health systems and medical education in the context of the country and share the information regarding quality accreditations systems with other member countries.

The association has initiated the publication of the journal SEAJME (South East Asian Journal of Medical Education) in the year 2007. The journal is being published biannually from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, where the Secretariat of SEARAME was located until recently. The Association has also initiated the organization of Regional conference once every two years in the countries of the region. The first conference was organized at Jakarta, Indonesia on the theme of “Best Practices in Health Professions Education in South East Asia”.

A national network of medical and health professions educators in India has been organizing national conferences once every two years, on themes relevant to Indian medical and health professions education. The conference held last year (NCHPE 2011) at CMC, Vellore focused very effectively on “Building linkages between medical schools and health care services.” The forthcoming conference on “Social Accountability” is thus a natural sequel to the NCHPE 2011 theme and so the 2012 conference is being organised in collaboration with NCHPE, and called SEARAME NCHPE 2012. This conference would in turn be complementary to the second conference of World Federation of Medical Education on “Future Role of Doctor” that will be held at Malmo, Sweden from 14th-16th November 2012. Consequently, the learning experiences and best practices from the SEARAME NCHPE 2012 conference would serve as meaningful inputs from SEA region for the global standards being revised by the WFME.