Call for Abstracts







The Organizing Committee of SEARAME NCHPE Conference 2012 invites submission of abstracts for oral presentation of your work in the theme and category-wise highly interactive poster sessions.


By participating in these interactive poster sessions, you have the unique opportunity to learn through experience-sharing on educational innovations and educational program evaluation or research carried out in the South-East Asia region that have led to improved student learning through quality improvement of the educational programs.


Since the conference is focused on helping institutions become more socially accountable, we are expecting you to share working models / examples of institutional or individual efforts in the field of education, research and service that are directed towards priority health problems in the community. These efforts in the field of education, research and service have been divided into four broad themes related to Social Accountability namely Equity, Quality, Relevance, and Cost effectiveness. 


To help you recognize which thematic group/ category your work will be discussed and disseminated, we have cited examples or category of work under each of the four broader themes:


Broad themes

Examples of category of work in education, research, service related to the broad theme (but not restricted to):

1.       EQUITY

Education /research/service in the community

Education about the health of populations

Inter-professional education


Access to care


2.       QUALITY

Quality Assurance & Accreditation

Education research, Program evaluation

Feedback to faculty

            Faculty development


3.       RELEVANCE

Curriculum objectives


Student assessment

Teaching-learning methods



Education of cost and management issues to UG or PG students

Partnerships between health systems and community

Information technology as a tool for cost effectiveness

            Continuing medical education



Since we recognize that your work may transcend the above stated categories, you can suggest two categories into which it could fit into.


What could be submitted as an abstract?

Any individual or institutional effort (innovation or a good practice) in the field of education, research or service in any of the areas mentioned above. Experience sharing is the heart of poster presentations. 


Important guidelines for submission of abstract

Abstract for poster should not exceed 250 words excluding title of the abstract, name(s) of author(s) and complete address. The name of the presenting author should be underlined. At least one of the authors should be registered before the last date for registration. Abstracts without one of the authors registering will not be published in the proceedings/ book of abstracts.


Format for submission of abstracts

If you are sharing a research study, investigation or inquiry, please use the following format:

  • Purpose of study
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Conclusions


If you wish to tell others about educational innovations being carried out in your fields / institutes, please use the following format:

·         Context or setting

·         Need for innovation

·         Description of innovation

·         Lessons learnt


Template for submission of abstract: Use the prescribed Abstract submission Template for sending the abstract in the above mentioned format. This template can be accessed by clicking Link to Template below:  

Click here to access the abstract submission template


Filled in template should be sent as email attachment to: with email subject heading captioned “Abstract for SEARAME-NCHPE 2012”. Your submission will be acknowledged within two days.


Important dates regarding your abstracts

The last date for submission of abstracts is 15th June, 2012

Dates by which you will receive feedback on your abstract is 15th July’ 2012


Next steps: The guidelines for design and layout of poster will be intimated to you after acceptance of your abstract.

Thank you for your interest in SEARAME-NCHPE Conference 2012.