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Southeast Asian International and Indian National Conference on Health Professions Education


at PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Coimbatore, India. 5th to 8th September, 2012



Theme of the Conference:

Social accountability: Responding to Societal needs through Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Health Professions Education

Invitation to attend the Conference

On behalf of the organizing committee of SEARAME NCHPE 2012 - the South East Asian International and Indian National Conference on Health Professions Education, we are happy to invite you to attend this conference that focuses on Social Accountability of medical and health professions schools through Quality Assurance and Accreditation. The conference is being organized by the PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (PSGIMSR), Coimbatore, in partnership with the World Health Organization South-East Asia Regional Office (WHO-SEARO) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), Philadelphia, USA.

Worldwide, there is glaring inequity in access to healthcare and health workforce distribution. This problem is more acute in Asia, where the double burden of both communicable and non-communicable diseases is compounded by the crisis of shortage of appropriately-trained human resources for health (HRH) as well as by the emigration of health professionals. The global challenge faced by health professions schools, is to educate doctors and health professionals for the 21st century, so that they could meet the needs of the community and help improve local health system performance and thereby contribute to improving health status of the people they serve. WHO-SEARO has been planning strategically to revitalize primary health care and deliver public health through capacity building for competency based education and training of health care workforce in the region.  In India, Medical Council of India (MCI) has also called for reforms in medical education and policies so as to make medical education more responsive to societal needs and reduce the mal-distribution of doctors (MCI Vision 2015).

The key issue(s) for discussion and deliberation during this conference, would be how medical and other health professions institutions across South East Asian countries can respond to this challenge by curricular and institutional reforms and through quality assurance and accreditation mechanisms. Hands-on workshops will provide you with skills and competencies to enable you to implement curricular reforms and initiate activities that would contribute to making education more socially accountable.

This SEARAME NCHPE 2012 Conference has been designed to provide participants with an excellent opportunity to learn from experts in the field and from each other by sharing experiences and innovations that have worked in the South East Asia context. Building upon these, it will further provide opportunities for deepening their knowledge and skills in health professions education to enable you to apply them to improve personal and institutional educational practices. A collective wisdom from South East Asian countries would help chart out the roadmap for future perspectives for action to improve health professions education in India in particular and the region as a whole.

We wholeheartedly welcome all of you to this academic event in the beautiful city of Coimbatore.      


       Rita Sood                                                                                                            Thomas Chacko

President, SEARAME                                                                                     Secretary General,  SEARAME