Call for Abstracts


Dear friends,

   Organizing Committee of NCHPE- 2013 invites abstracts of your work in the area of health
professional education including educational innovation, educational programme or programme

   As you are aware the theme of the conference is progress through partnership. You will agree that
partnership is essential whenever we are trying to bring in change in the existing curriculum or trying
to implement new innovations. It may be partnership with our colleagues in the department, in the
institute, with the other health professions. We need collaborations with other institutions when we
wish to widen the scope of our educational interventions. Some of you might have experienced it
through the partnerships you have established with other organizations like IIT, biomedical
engineering, biotechnology or NGOs. There may be an experience of regional partnership with other
countries in the South-East Asia region or across the globe. We urge you to share your experiences in
the field of education and let others know how progress has been achieved through partnership. You
may also express the lessons learnt during the venture.

  We also welcome your other scholarly work done on individual basis, not restricting to the theme
but related to any field of education, existing educational area in the curriculum, students, faculty or
educational environment.

  Abstract for poster should not exceed 250 words excluding title of the abstract, name(s) of author(s)
and complete address. The name of the presenting author should be bold and underlined. At least one
of the authors should be registered before the last date for registration. Abstracts without one of the
authors registering will not be published in the proceedings/ abstract book.

  Format for submission of abstract

 If you are sharing a research or inquiry, please use the following format:

  •          Introduction ( background and objectives)
  •          Methodology
  •          Results
  •          Conclusions

  If you sharing educational innovations/programme/programme evaluation, please use the following

  •           Context or setting
  •           Need for innovation
  •           Description of innovation
  •           Lessons learnt

Template for submission of abstract

Use the prescribed Abstract submission Template for sending the abstract in the above mentioned

format. This template can be accessed by clicking Link to Template below: 


Mailing the abstract

The abstract should be mailed as an email attachment to: with email
subject heading captioned “Abstract for NCHPE 2013”. Your submission will be acknowledged within
two days.

Please note the important dates regarding your abstracts.

                        The last date for submission of abstracts has been extended to 30th July, 2013.

All the abstract will be sent to a review committee. The comments by the committee will be
communicated to you before 15th August 2013. Based on the feedback you may have to modify the abstract and resubmit it.
The guidelines for poster preparation will be intimated to you after acceptance of your abstract.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to interact with each other. We look forward to receiving your abstract.

      - Organizing Committee