Bass Information and Audition Tracks

2018 Audition Song
Awake the Harp, from "The Creation" by F.J. Haydn
(G. Schirmer/Hal Leonard 2357)
(Only published copies will be allowed in the audition rooms, no photocopies or CPDL)

If using ePrint copies for auditions, please be ready to show receipt of purchase at the auditions. 
Please show receipt before your students audition so they will not be disqualified for using photocopies accidentally.

Audition Tracks:
It has been reported that there is a mistake in the recording on Page 8. 
Please be aware that you are responsible for the music on the page. 
Please check your parts carefully.

Audition Track:
(This track will be used for auditions)
Updated - 9-12-2018 - The trills have been removed and mistakes in m. 24 & m. 44 have been corrected. 

There are two editions of this music from the same publisher with the same UPC and product code. Both are fine to use. One version (Ed. 2357) contains a tenor solo at the beginning and one (Ed. 4534) does not.  If you are using the version with the tenor solo, please number your measures starting AFTER the solo. You should have 56 total measures not including the solo. This way, both pieces will be numbered the same (which will be important when cuts are announced).

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