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posted Nov 9, 2015, 6:16 PM by NCHIndia Manipur   [ updated Nov 9, 2015, 6:17 PM ]
Model English School
The main support that Nehemiah Children’s Home provides the children is a good education. It is such an important part of the lives of the children, to prepare them for their futures so that they can become self-sufficient adults.

Of course, we also want them to be contributing to their own communities with the skills that they will have learned in the schools. Our greater vision is to see these young children bless the surrounding areas around their village in Manipur. May they be a great light in Manipur for those who do not yet know the Lord!

Of the 30 children from NCH, 20 children are attending the Model English School. You can see them in the photograph. Every year, the registration fees cost between US$30 and $65 for each student, depending on their grade level. And to meet monthly basic need for each child is $42. This would include monthly tuition fees, tutoring, School Supplies, and food.

Their uniforms are an additional cost each year. You can see the very nice uniforms that they wear. The children are required to wear them, but not everyone can afford one by themselves.

The other 10 children from NCH study at the New Life English School. The two schools charge an annual admission fee for each student, which is a total cost of US$1,200. Thanks to you, we pray that we will be able to send this money soon for all of the children. The children have started a new school year after the winter vacation. We pray that they will continue to be successful in their school work.