2015 Christmas Project

posted Nov 17, 2015, 10:12 AM by NCHIndia Manipur

Each December, NCH provides a Christmas party for the children  who have lost their parents. We celebrate Christ’s birth every year with the 30 orphan children in Sinakeithei Village (Manipur, India). The local Church Pastor and the Church elders and volunteers are invited and bring the total attendance to about 40 people. The purpose of our Christmas party is to provide fun, food, fellowship, a gift and the gospel to parentless children who would otherwise not experience the real meaning of Christmas – the incarnation of Jesus Christ. We want them to experience the love of God and feel as if they have parents by providing clothes, food and share them the love of Jesus Christ.

At the party, each child will have the opportunity to share their testimony, play fun games, eat delicious food, sing Christmas carols, receive a gift, and simply feel the love of God. This year we would like each of the 30 orphan boys and girl to receive a special gift. This will include:

a winter jacket
a long sleeve shirt, and

To sponsor each child for this Christmas party and to receive all the items, it will cost $100 per child. So I ask you to prayerfully consider sponsoring one or more children to a party. Perhaps your family, Sunday school class, friends, school or church would like to make this a mission project and partner with NCH as we partner with others in reaching people who have a name with the meaning of Christmas.

So I ask you to prayerfully consider giving an additional gift to sponsor one or more children for the party. All donations must be received by December 5 so that our Board of Directors in Manipur can purchase the clothes and food. If you can give an extra donation for Christmas, whether $100 or any amount that is on your heart, please write “Christmas Project” on your check so that we know this is for the Christmas party and gift.


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Model English School
The main support that Nehemiah Children’s Home provides the children is a good education. It is such an important part of the lives of the children, to prepare them for their futures so that they can become self-sufficient adults.

Of course, we also want them to be contributing to their own communities with the skills that they will have learned in the schools. Our greater vision is to see these young children bless the surrounding areas around their village in Manipur. May they be a great light in Manipur for those who do not yet know the Lord!

Of the 30 children from NCH, 20 children are attending the Model English School. You can see them in the photograph. Every year, the registration fees cost between US$30 and $65 for each student, depending on their grade level. And to meet monthly basic need for each child is $42. This would include monthly tuition fees, tutoring, School Supplies, and food.

Their uniforms are an additional cost each year. You can see the very nice uniforms that they wear. The children are required to wear them, but not everyone can afford one by themselves.

The other 10 children from NCH study at the New Life English School. The two schools charge an annual admission fee for each student, which is a total cost of US$1,200. Thanks to you, we pray that we will be able to send this money soon for all of the children. The children have started a new school year after the winter vacation. We pray that they will continue to be successful in their school work.

Meet the Children of NCH: Wungshinmi

posted Jun 24, 2015, 12:55 PM by NCHIndia Manipur

Wungshinmi is 14 years old and is studying in Grade 9. His parents lived under extreme poverty without any income. The only way that his parents could survive was through his father hunting. Unfortunately, during the 1990’s when Wungshinmi was very young, his father was killed in an ethnic clash in the jungle while he was hunting.

New Life English School

posted Jun 24, 2015, 12:53 PM by NCHIndia Manipur

New Life English School
Education is an important part of the lives of the children, to prepare them for their futures. There are 10 children from NCH who are attending the New Life English School. The monthly tuition fees cost a total of $170 for the 10 students. The uniforms, which are required for all students, cost a total of about $670.

Another 20 children from NCH study at Model English School. The children have examinations during the second half of June. We pray that they are all successful academically.  

Meet the Children of NCH: Mathanphy

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Mathanphy is 10 years old and is in Grade 5. She studies at New Life English School. Her father died in 2003 from tuberculosis, and tragedy struck again when her mother died the following year because of cancer.

Thereafter there was nobody to look after her, so she came to Nehemiah Children’s Home where she gets food, clothing, shelter, education, and love.


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Dear Friends of NCH:

I always want to start my letter by thanking each and every one of our supporters for all that you do for the children of Nehemiah Children's Home. It has been over a year now since I last saw them personally, but I receive reports from the NCH Board members who serve in Manipur and watch over the children. It is your partnership with us, here in the United States and there in India, that allows these needy children to have a hope for their futures.

It is my pleasure to report to you on the current condition of the children of NCH. From my latest information, all of the children in Manipur, India are doing well by the grace of God. None of the children is sick, and everyone is physically healthy for the moment. We take care to provide for their education and spiritual growth but, of course, we are also concerned about their physical conditions. We are blessed to know that they have at least the basic medical care.

All of the children have been studying very hard and have been preparing for their second unit test. As their examination was approaching, our staff members provided tutoring for the children to become among the best of all the students.

The schools hold the second unit test during the last week of September through the second week of October. Please pray for their test results, their spiritual life and the physical health to protect from any harm.

Meet the Children of NCH: Heropi

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Heropi in front of his house
Heropi is an 11-year-old boy who is in Grade 6. He is from a family with a Hindu back-ground. In 2004, his father died in a terrible tractor accident. Heropi’s father was the single bread-earner in their family. He had worked every day as a daily wage laborer in order to earn their daily meal.

Heropi has three siblings—two sisters and one brother.  Before the tragic death of their father, the family was already living below the poverty line. Their mother had no means of supporting her children or even herself.

After his father died, Heropi came to Nehemiah Children's Home, where he receives his education, food, love and spiritual nourishment. Today, all of his family has converted to Christianity. In addition, now his mother is working within the community as a strong believer who has known healing through God's power.

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