The New College Student Alliance is New College's student-elected and led government on campus.

If you're looking for the Great Book or Constitution, you can find it here.

A quick guide to where you'll find what:

  1. Apply for Funding will give you the forms you need to apply for any funding.
  2. Campus Police policies is an updated policy sheet from the campus police.
  3. Documents 2015-2016 will contain any document created in 2015 for the NCSA.
  4. Emergency Contraception details contraceptive options offered through the NCSA for students.
  5. Important Documents will contain the Great Book, the Constitution, budgets, an NCSA info sheet, and floor plans, regardless of what year the document was made in.
  6. Old Documents contain any document made 2014 or earlier.
  7. NCSA Calendar dates any NCSA events or meetings that are coming up.
  8. Representatives and Employees lists everyone who has a position in the NCSA.
  9. Suggestions Box is where you can share ideas for the NCSA.
  10. Voting as a college student provides resources for information on voting as a college student, including information on voting as a trans person. 
  11. The sitemap tells you basically what this front page tells you.
The Equipment TAs are Jackson Hughes, Austin SerokaNasib McIntosh, and Robert Manley. Call them at (786) 309-3782 or email them collectively.