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 Carissa Gabrielle Baros (Tobias)

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Welcome Dancers and Families!  

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To provide a positive outlet for children and adults to express themselves.

We believe strongly in teaching how to express yourself and your emotions through dance, movement and art.  We believe that if there is a positive outlet in a child's or persons life, it can help guide them through whatever they will face in life.  As a studio, we emphasize training.  Therefore, every other week we have "technique week" - teaching new technique and reviewing and building on past technique.  On the in-between weeks is "choreo week" - involves learning new choreography combos using the materials learned during technique week.  All of this helps to build a stronger, well-rounded dancer!  Our goal is to train dancers and to prepare them for life in all shapes and forms. 
Northern Colorado Dance Fusion, LLC believes in building confidence and a strong individual.  In class we practice building confidence by giving the student a chance at the end of class to show off to the others in their class a skill they enjoy.  At the end of class we always try to bring everyone together and do something special to unite us and let everyone see they are all equal here and can be comfortable with one another.  This is done through team bonding exercises or stretching together in a circle.  With the little ones, we love to make a circle and do fun activities.  At the end of class we always close with a gratitude circle in which we thank our body for allowing us to dance, and take a moment to go around and say what we are thankful for, or sometimes other positive reflecting questions such as:  What does dance mean to you?  OR What are you proud of yourself for today?, etc. - again to encourage positive reflection.  We always make sure before the class leaves that everyone gets a stamp; and they all pat themselves on the back and say, "I did an AWESOME job today!"
One of our main goals is to have a great and personable relationship with both the student and the parent to ensure both feel comfortable to talk with us.  We believe that communication is key to success!

We focus on providing dance training on all levels for ages 1-1/2 - Adult, Special Needs, Beginners, Intermediate, Competitive Solos/Duets/Small Groups, and Advanced Professional at an affordable rate!

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  • Did you know we offer Cheer?!  Check out our Cheer classes on Tuesday's!
  • We also teach Tumbling in ALL of our classes!
  • Our First - Winter Community Performance Group - Heart of the Holidays 2019 - Coming Soon - Open to Enrolled Dancers - No audition necessary!
  • Check out our updated class schedule TODAY as we have added new class styles, instructors, age groups, and levels!
  • Summer Break June 23rd - August 4th.  Classes Resume Monday, August 5th, 2019.

Carissa Baros, owner of Northern Colorado Dance Fusion
Professional dancer and choreographer at
Go To Talent Agency of Los Angeles.


Carissa Gabrielle 2013-2014 Teaching Reel



Check out the article in the
January 23, 2019 Greeley Tribune.

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Monday & Thursday
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Tuesday = 4:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Friday = 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Wednesday & Saturday & Sunday = CLOSED
If you have missed us,
 please call 970-388-2252


Private Dance, Cheer, Strength Training
or Tumble Instruction with an Instructor
45-60 minutes

Solo = $30
Duet = $35
Trio = $45

TRY a class today for $10

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Drop-In rates apply for class trials, and may not be used on a weekly basis for the same class.  Drop in rate does not reserve students space in class.  Students who do not pay monthly rates and are regularly signed up for classes will not be allowed to participate in recitals or shows).