Tobacco Cessation For Mental Health

The Health and Wellness Trust Fund awarded a grant to the North Carolina Evidence Based Practices Center to pilot a three year wellness and tobacco dependence program in North Carolina Clubhouses. The objective is to reduce the harmful effects that tobacco has on people with mental illness by providing them with equal access to a cessation program in addition to increasing their awareness about wellness. With the help of this grant and project, North Carolina's Clubhouses will have the resources and training to help their members quit smoking and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The project began on July 1, 2008 with the selection of the first four clubhouses:
    1. Adventure House in Shelby, NC
    2. Sanctuary House in Greensboro, NC
    3. Threshold in Durham, NC
    4. Atlantic House in Morehead City, NC    

In 2009, the project was implemented in North Carolina's remaining five clubhouses:
    1. Piedmont Pioneer House in Gastonia, NC
    2. Club Horizon in Knightdale, NC
    3. Club Nova in Carrboro, NC
    4. Connections Clubhouse in Newton, NC
    5. Sixth Avenue West in Hendersonville, NC

Check out this very funny video created by Adventure House members: 

Other helpful websites include:
Become An Ex:     
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids:
North Carolina Health & Wellness Trust Fund:    
University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey:  
For more information on The North Carolina Evidence Based Practices Center visit the website at: 
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