Ornament of the Month - September

Welcome back! September brings us Sapphire as the birth stone of the month which comes in lovely shades from light blue to dark blue. My favourite shade of Sapphire is the darker blue so that's the colour I chose to go with.

The Legend is in the pattern this month, which you can find at the bottom of this page, as I have made a pdf file.

Special note: I did the backstitch lines going from the squares in the middle to the corners with one large single stitch per line as I found it gave a much nicer straight line - and it's faster too! Just make sure you don't pull the thread too tight or you will cause puckering.
This is the ornament finished as part of the garland. Made on 16 ct antique white Aida, which makes it 2 1/4" square, in the colours listed in the pattern. I sewed it together in the way you'd sew a biscornu together using TOHO size 11 Silver Lined Frosted Rainbow Sapphire beads colour code: TR-11-2035F (yes that's quite the mouthful!) every other stitch and adding loops made of twisted craft thread and at the bottom I added a Czech glass bicone flower made of 6 3 x 4mm bicones.
This is the ornament finished with the border from the wall hanging finishing suggestion. Made on 16 ct antique white Aida, which makes it 3" square, in the colours listed in the pattern. Made the same way as the garland finish but with a hanging loop and tassel instead of 2 side loops. I used 2 of the Czech bicones on the tassel.

The next pattern will be available on Friday 2nd October.

If you have stitched the pattern I'd love to know about it (if I don't already) - I would appreciate you dropping by my personal blog: Magical's quilts and more... and posting a link to your photo or blog post in a comment on that month's ornament page if available, or the latest one if not, so I and everyone else can admire your work.
Magical Mysterytour,
Sep 4, 2015, 10:50 AM