Ornament of the Month - May

It's not only the first Friday of the month but the first day of the month and that also brings you the monthly ornament! This month the birthstone is Emerald and fortunately DMC has some lovely emerald colours. The pattern is inspired in part by the "gingerbread" trimming Victorian houses have, something I love and always reminds me of Christmas. In the centre is a flower surrounded by wispy leaves.
The Legend is below the pattern.
7                    DMC Cotton 909    emerald green - very dark
9                    DMC Cotton 912    emerald green - light

Back Stitches:   DMC Cotton 911    emerald green - medium
This is the ornament finished with the border from the wall hanging finishing suggestion. Made on 16ct antique white Aida, which makes it 3" square, in the colours listed above. I sewed it together in the way you'd sew a biscornu together adding beads. I added a loop made of twisted craft thread to hang it with and at the bottom I added a tassel made with the same thread and a bicone glass bead.

The next pattern will be available on Friday 5th June.

If you have stitched the pattern I'd love to know about it (if I don't already) - I would appreciate you dropping by my personal blog: Magical's quilts and more... and posting a link to your photo or blog post in a comment on the relevant page, so I and everyone else can admire your work.