Ornament of the Month - June

Depending on which site you consult you will find one of the following stones as birthstone of the month June: Pearl, Moonstone, Pink Alexandrite or Green Alexandrite. I didn't want to choose a single stone this month as I felt I was bound to miss someone's favourite stone so I decided to do all four.

It's been a lot of work to make so many patterns and ornaments this time round but I hope you find my efforts worth it! I have tried to make each pattern distinct and individual so you can make them all and have them all be different. You can of course always change the colours around to something you prefer - say use the pink colours for the moonstone pattern, or, as I have seen over on Deviant Art, use completely different colours - to make these patterns your own.

The Legend is in the pattern this month, which you can find at the bottom of this page, as I have made a pdf file to make it easier to save all four patterns.
Here you can see all 4 patterns together, 3 of which are finished with the garland finish - I was not able to complete them all on time and have yet to start making the ornament finished ones

Made on 16ct antique white Aida, which make them 2 1/4" square each, in the colours listed in the pattern. I sewed them together in the way you'd sew a biscornu together adding beads, adding loops made of twisted craft thread and at the bottom I added a pearlescent painted wooden bead for the Pearl ornament, a teal glass leaf for the Green Alexandrite ornament, and a moonstone chip for the moonstone ornament. I will be turning Pink Alexandrite embroidery into a biscornu as I had to use a different fabric for it.

The next pattern will be available on Friday 3rd July.

If you have stitched the pattern I'd love to know about it (if I don't already) - I would appreciate you dropping by my personal blog: Magical's quilts and more... and posting a link to your photo or blog post in a comment on that month's ornament page, so I and everyone else can admire your work.
Magical Mysterytour,
Jun 5, 2015, 9:06 AM