Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

Esprit de Corps. Build it and they will come.

This is more than just another class. This is more than just a PE credit. You are privileged to be here. We set the example for the school. We are the few. We are the proud.

Our guiding mission is to instill esprit de corps through the building of discipline, teamwork, service, leadership, and citizenship skills. Esprit de corps is pride in our organization, which starts with each individual taking pride in him or herself. The word "esprit"  as the word "spirit" is derived from the Latin word "spirare", which means "to breathe".  The word "corps" comes from the Latin "corpus", which means "body". So then "esprit de corps" literally means "breath of the body". We breathe together as one body, one team, one family. We live by the Navy Core Values - Honor, Courage, Commitment - and the Cadet Creed. 

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