Important Retiree and Survivor Information

Updated Information On Obtaining Military Records

The Coast guard Personnel Services Center has issued updated instructions for retirees, veterans, and surviving family members to use when seeking to obtain military records:

For those who separated or retired from the Coast Guard prior to October 01, 2006:

Make requests to obtain copies of DD-214's, Personnel Records, Medical & Dental Records, and Service Medals, etc., to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC).

Veterans and next of kin may make requests online (

All others should complete Standard Form 180 (SF 180) and send the completed form to:

National Personnel Records Center
1 Archives Drive
St. Louis, MO 63138

 Additional information can be obtained by telephone at (314) 801-0800.

For those who separated or retired from the Coast Guard on or after October 01, 2006:

Contact the Military Records Section at CG Personnel Service Center by:


Telephone: 703-872-6665


Commander CG Personnel Service Center
WASHINGTON DC 20593-7200

 The Standard Form 180 (SF 180) is required for all document copy requests.  Send the completed form to the address above.

Note for VA Claims:

If you separated from the service and plan on filing a claim for medical benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), you do not need to request a copy of your military records from the NPRC or CGPSC.  The VA regional office handling your case will petition the NPRC, CGPSC, and the VA Records Management Center for needed service and medical records to adjudicate your claim.


Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Federal Income Tax Filing Requirements for 2015

The Coast Guard is providing information to help answer questions about the changing income tax filing requirements associated with the Affordable Care Act.  The short version is that the Coast Guard will provide you with the required IRS Forms 1095 (C and/or B depending on your status as a military member, military retiree, or annuitant).  The forms will be sent out beginning in January, 2016, and provide the information you'll need when you prepare to file your 2015 Federal income tax return.

See the entire article and the answers to several frequently asked questions at the on the Pay and Personnel Center web site:


Changes to TRICARE Pharmacy Benefits

Beginning October 1, 2015, TRICARE will begin implementing the Expanded MTF/Mail Pharmacy Initiative - part
of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2015 - that requires all eligible covered beneficiaries generally to refill select non-generic prescription maintenance medications at the TRICARE mail order pharmacy (MOP) or the military treatment facility (MTF) pharmacy.

Watch for mailings and other communications from Express Scripts Inc., beginning in September.

Note:  Active duty members and beneficiaries with other health insurance are not subject to this requirement.


Links to the CG Pay & Personnel Service Information pages.
PPC Retirement and Annuitant Services:

PPC Survivor Guide  (REVISED 6 May 2014):



The TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP) has implemented several program enhancements over the last six months in direct response to enrollees’ requests for a more simplified and streamlined way to manage their benefits themselves—and they all involve making use of the latest in electronic media technology. The first of these program enhancements to be put into action were numerous upgrades to the self-service Consumer Toolkit® located at  Program enrollees who log on to the toolkit can now view their processed claims, check their maximum used to date and see if they have met their deductible, print identification cards, and even make certain changes in their TRDP account. The TRDP’s Customer Service department receives hundreds of calls each year from enrollees who want to know the status of their claims, change their address on file or add/delete a family member from their account, or verify how much of their annual maximum and deductible they have remaining; with the addition of these latest upgrades to the Consumer Toolkit®, all they have to do is log on to view their account and make changes themselves, at a time that is convenient for them.  

Another feature added recently to the TRDP’s lineup of self-service tools is the ability to sign up for “paperless” Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements.  By signing up for paperless EOBs, enrollees can save valuable time by getting their processed claim information immediately online instead of having to wait for their paper EOB to arrive in the mail.  To sign up for paperless EOBs, TRDP enrollees can simply log on to the Consumer Toolkit® and select the “Go Paperless” option. (Enrollees who have not yet registered to use the Consumer Toolkit® can visit the “Current Enrollee” section of the website, select "Manage Your Benefits Online" at the top right-hand side of the page, and follow the instructions to register as a new user; once they have registered, they can log on to the toolkit using their new username and password, and select the “Go Paperless” option.) Instead of mailing a paper EOB, Delta Dental will send an email alert whenever a new EOB statement becomes available, and by clicking on the link in the email, enrollees will be able to access the online toolkit and view their EOBs right then and there.

Last but not least is the recent launch of the TRDP tab on the Delta Dental Insurance Company Facebook page. Enrollees can click on the Facebook logo on and get connected with the TRDP for oral health and wellness information and tips on how to get the most from their dental plan. Delta Dental’s future plans for the TRDP include expansion into other areas of social media as well. 

Those who have never visited the website at are encouraged to do so. The content and layout of the website have been enhanced, and it is now easier than ever to view and print program materials and forms. Enrollees can sign up to receive monthly and quarterly program updates via email, contact Delta Dental electronically through the online Customer Service Inquiry Form, and even locate a TRDP network dentist using the Dentist Directory search function on the website. 

There are myriad self-service tools available at that are all designed to make it easy for TRDP enrollees to maximize their benefits. Delta Dental’s Federal Government Programs division continually searches for ways to improve its administration of the TRDP contract, and these latest program enhancements are just a few of many more that are planned for the future.


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