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New public affairs video We Are Pacific Area

The Coast Guard Pacific Area public affairs team has released new video about PacArea and its missions.  The short video is available through:

the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System




The 2014 1099R forms are now available online through Self Service at You will have to allow pop-ups for this application in order to view your pay slip or 1099R. It will take a few moments for the system to generate and display the 1099R form. During this time the "Processing" image will display.

If you have not used Self Service before, here is the First Time Logon Guide for Retired Pay Self-Service and here is the user guide for accessing and printing your IRS Form 1099R.

Note: Personnel in "RET-2" status are not provided with IRS Form 1099r. Any 2014 earnings from U.S. Coast Guard sources for RET-2 members will be reported on IRS Form W-2.

Thank you for your service.

Contact PPC (ras) for assistance with Direct Access/Global Pay or other

account issues.

Commanding Officer (RAS)

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Toll Free: 1-800-772-8724

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Opportunity to continue to serve--Attention all CG Retirees! FEMA wants you!

As the co-chairs of the Commandant of the Coast Guard National Retiree Council, RADM John Acton (ret) and I have been working with FEMA on an exciting opportunity for Coast Guard retirees.  Throughout my CG career I took pride in the fact that the organization that I was a part of was a humanitarian service.  Rescue and emergency response are the missions that initially attracted me to the CG and they are largely why I stayed with the CG for an entire career.  Now I am retired and I am still interested in service to my fellow citizens.  I believe that most of my fellow retirees are also.  With that in mind we have worked with FEMA to create a unique and exciting opportunity for retirees called the U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative.  If you are semi-retired or fully retired and have a flexible schedule this part time opportunity may be for you.

FEMA Reserves serve as the bulk of the FEMA Response workforce during a disaster.  FEMA Reserves are trained and qualified to perform a myriad of tasks during a disaster response.  When deployed FEMA Reserves are reimbursed for travel and paid as intermittent FEMA employees.  Currently FEMA is experiencing a critical shortage within its Reserve Program.  Over 2,700 FEMA Reserve positions are vacant.  Reservist positions are managed through FEMA Cadres and the skills needed to serve in most Cadres are generally equivalent to many Coast Guard ratings and officer specialties.  CG retirees may already have experience in disaster response, rescue, first aid, ICS, hazardous material handling, survivor support, recovery ops and many other areas of expertise needed in the aftermath of a disaster.

Within the CG retiree population I believe that many former Coast Guardsmen will have the time, aptitude for volunteerism, and the skills necessary to become FEMA Reservists.  This is an opportunity for retirees to still be of service... but on a flexible, part time basis.

Reaching out to CG retirees will serve as Phase 1 and "proof of concept" for a larger initiative targeting all military veterans.  During Phase 2, FEMA with the help of CG Retire Council co-chairs will reach out to all retirees of the other four Armed Services.  Phase 3 will entail a targeted effort toward all military veterans in general and wounded warriors in particular.  For the Phase 1 effort FEMA will work with the co-chairs of the CG Retiree Council to continue mapping out equivalent CG rating and officer specialties versus FEMA Cadre specialties.

FEMA has modified their website to include a section dedicated to the recruitment of CG retirees for this exciting program.  The section includes CG retiree specific content, information on the application process, forms, and resumes.

To learn more about the Reservist-Coast Guard Retiree Initiative, visit <> and search for "Reservist Program, Coast Guard Retirees."  Or use these links:

You can also contact the FEMA Call Center at 855-377-FEMA (3362) email

The main Incident Workforce Management Division can be contacted at email

If you still have questions after you have looked through the information please feel free to contact me.  My email address

MCPOCG Skip Bowen (ret)


 New Coast Guard Retiree Service Website!!




Ahoy,  Fred (Herzberg)

Our 8 year effort to get the US Coast Guard commemorative stamp has been officially successful.  The November 24, 2014 edition of Linn's Stamp News discusses several 2015 issues including;

"In August, two anniversaries for the U.S. Coast Guard will be remembered with a single commemorative forever stamp.  The design shows an oil painting by artist William S. Phillips of the Coast Guard Cutter Eagle with an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter flying above.

According to the USCG historian's office, in 1790 Congress authorized the Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, to create a maritime service to enforce customs laws, alternately known as the system of cutters, Revenue Service and Revenue-Marine.

President Woodrow Wilson signed the Act to Create the Coast Guard on Jan. 28, 1915"

While we did not get our hoped-for sheet of 20 different designs, the final artwork is very nice and will do our Coast Guard proud.  (see attachment)

I'm sad that the third member of our team, Carl Zellner, did not live to see the day. 

No details on first day ceremonies or location were given. 

I'll be in touch.

Fair winds -

 John Longnecker


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Changes to the TRICARE program - Starting April 1, 2013, the TRICARE benefit will be administered by UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans (UnitedHealthcare), the new regional contractor for the West Region. USCG PPC has received many phone calls about the change as the initial letter was somewhat confusing.  The letter sent out was for those retirees paying premiums via credit or debit card.  If you currently pay your premiums by allotment, no action is required on your part - UnitedHealthCare will be coordinating this change with the cognizant pay centers.  For additional questions about the TRICARE payments, please contact the UnitedHealthcare customer service number            1-877-988-9378.  

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Notice to All Retirees:
It is recommended that all retirees whose Identification  Cards have their Social Security numbers on them, get new ID cards.  New cards will NOT have your Social Security number.   For information for ID card issuing times at:

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Also since they close for special events it is best to call ahead to  707-765-7354



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