Directory of North Carolina TRiO Professionals
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NameTitleProgramCollegePhoneEmail Address
NameTitleProgramCollegePhoneEmail Address
Adams, Andrea Prgm Coordinator EOC Academic Institute of Central Carolina 704-536-9828 
Baldwin, Kara Director SSS, McNair University of North Carolina at Greensboro 336-256-0194 
Ballard, Beverly Counselor ETS Southeastern Community College 910-642-7141 
Bamby, Stuart Prgm Assistant SSS Winston Salem State University 
Bayne, Leslie Admin. Assistant SSS Central Piedmont Community College 704-330-6394 
Bell, Amy Director SSS Rockingham Community College 336-342-4621 
Bellamy, Andraka Prgm Counselor ETS Academic Institute of Central Carolina 704-536-9007 
Bennett, Corey TS Counselor TS Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg 704-792-5364 
Bennett, Tara Coordinator  Elizabeth City State University 252-335-3357 
Bibbs, Alexis Prgm Coordinator TS Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg 704-975-0186 
Blair, Sara Administrative Assistant VUB Central Carolina Community College 919-718-7463 
Boiling, Vanessa Prgm Assistant TS Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg 704-943-9439 
Bouldin, Correy Academic Counselor SSS Rockingham Community College 336-342-4621 
Burgess, Weston Director SSS Mars Hill University 828-689-1465 
Canty, John Director SSS Wilkes Community College 336-838-6558 
Carr, James Director SSS, UB Wilson Community College 252-246-1359 
Carson, Devon Director EOC North Carolina Central University 919-530-6617 
Carter, Pearl Processing Asst. ETS Southeastern Community College 910-642-5658 
Cartwright, Keith Director TS Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg 704-943-9443 
Cheeley, Tathia Assistant Director UB United Piedmont Center for Educational Excellence 336-272-5353 
Clemmons, Jefferson Intern SSS University of North Carolina at Greensboro 336-334-7990 
Cofield, Pamela Assistant Director UB, TS, SSS Saint Augustine's University 252-446-1921 
Compton, Ronnie TS Counselor TS Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg 704-792-5615 
Crisp, Linda Prgm Coordinator  Piedmont Community College 336-322-2168 
Curtis, Catharine Director SSS Central Piedmont Community College 704-330-6394 
Dellinger, Lynn Project Director  SSS Gaston College  704-922-2362 
Donaldson, Chasity Academic Coordinator EOC North Carolina Central University 919-530-6652 
Dozier, Quay Director UB, SSS Elizabeth City State University 252-335-3368 QJDOZIER@ECSU.EDU 
Earls, Adele Academic Advisor SSS Gaston College 704-922-2364 
Evans, Telecia Project Coordinator UB Saint Augustine's University 252-446-1921 
Fleming, Chantal Director SSS North Carolina A&T University 336-334-7982 
Foreman, John Retired Director  Retired TRiO Personnel 
Gardin, Osco Director UBMS New Covenant CDC 704-219-1815 
Gardner, Jennifer ETS Advisor TS Saint Augustine's University 252-446-1921 
Gersonde, Aaron Director UBC, UBMS Appalachian State University 828-262-2725 
Gholston, Sherida Director SSS Halifax Community College 252-536-7229 
Goodman, Elise Admin. Assistant UB, TS Saint Augustine's University 252-446-1921 
Graham, Odell ETS Counselor ETS Southeastern Community College 910-642-5658 
Grater, Kim Academic Coordinator UB Appalachian State University 828-262-8016 
Hall, Brandelyn Counselor UB North Carolina A&T University 336-285-3822 
Hamond, Abigail IT Specialist EOC, TS Academic Institute of Central Carolina 704-536-9007 
Harris, Reginald Academic Advisor SSS Wilson Community College 252-246-1318 
Hills, Kim Coordinator UB Wilson Community College 252-246-1212 
Hobbs, Percell Assistant Director UB Academic Institute of Central Carolina 704-536-9007 
Hollis, LaQuentia Sr. TS Counselor TS Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg 704-943-9443 
Huntley, Jasmine Coordinator UB New Covenant CDC 704-219-1815 
James, Keith Assistant Director UB North Carolina A&T University 336-285-3827 
James, Tramicka EOC Specialist EOC Academic Institute of Central Carolina 704-536-9007 
Jefferson, Antonio Counselor SSS Cleveland Community College 704-669-4258 
Johnson, Ethel English Instructor SSS Saint Augustine's University 919-516-4225 
Johnson, Fabrice Assistant Director UB, TS The Renaissance Education Group, Inc. 919-416-1736 
Johnson, Stewart Counselor SSS North Carolina Central University 919-530-6972 
Jones, Allison Academic Advisor and Tutor Coordinator SSS Wilson Community College 252-246-1265 
Jones, Kathy Admin. Assistant SSS Cleveland Community College 704-669-4168 
Jordan, Dorothy Director SSS Beaufort County Community College 252-940-6287 
Joseph, Doris Director ETS Southeastern Community College 910-642-7141 
King, Cynthia Admin. Assistant SSS Saint Augustine's University 919-515-4481 
Kingsberry, Deborah Director EOC, ETS, UB Academic Institute of Central Carolina 704-536-9007 
Lavarnway, Laura Academic Coordinator UB Appalachian State University 828-262-8016 
Lawrence, Ford "Scooter" Success Coach TS Cleveland Community College 704-669-4276 
Lawrence, Lucy Office Manager SSS Beaufort County Community College 252-940-6289 
Lennon-Harmon, Amber Program Manager UB Central Carolina Community College 910-718-7481 
Lindsay, Audrea Director SSS Davidson County Community College 336-249-8005 
ll Saunders, James Director SSS Johnson C Smith University 704-378-1116 
Lystash, Rebeccah Director UB, UBMS Central Carolina Community College 919-718-7209 
Mathis, Maurice Academic Coordinator  North Carolina State University 919-513-7341 
Mitchell, Gavin Assistant Director for Counseling Services SSS University of North Carolina at Greensboro 336-256-1127 
Mitchell, Kathleen Budget Specialist EST, UB Saint Augustine's University 252-446-1921 
Mitchell, Kenneth Director UB, TS The Renaissance Education Group, Inc. 919-416-1736 
Nuhrah, Stephanie Program Assistant TS Cleveland Community College 704-669-4209 
O'Quinn, Jessica Academic Advisor SSS Gaston College 704-922-2366 
Overton, Jewel Admin. Support Assoc.  Elizabeth City State University 252-335-3510 JLOVERTON@ECSU.EDU 
Parks, Laura Academic Coordinator UB Appalachian State University 336-250-3167 
Patterson, Robin ETS Counselor ETS Southeastern Community College 910-642-5658 
Patton, Jennifer Director  Western Piedmont Community College 828-448-3181 
Pinckney-Thompson, Teresa Director TS, UB, UBMS, GU Fayetteville State University 910-677-1870 
Piontak, Rachel College Advisor UB, UBMS Central Carolina Community College 919-718-7494 
Pippen, Vanessa Coordinator  Pitt Community College 252-493-7503 
Ragland, Danielle Student Success Advisor SSS Davidson County Community College  336-249-8186 
Raines, Christian Smith Administrative Assistant SSS Gaston College 704-922-2363 
Ricks, Merissa Assistant Director UB United Piedmont Center for Educational Excellence 336-272-5353 
Rideau, Kismet Assistant Director ETS United Piedmont Center for Educational Excellence 336-272-5353 
Rodriguez Fonseca, Marco Academic Coordinator UB Appalachian State University 828-262-3878 
Rogers, Jessica Director SSS Central Carolina Community College 919-718-7557 
Sagadraca, Reggie Project Coordinator UB Saint Augustine's University 252-446-1921 
Sawyer, Kim Office Assistant SSS University of North Carolina Greensboro 336-334-7537 
Scott, Colleen Director SSS North Carolina Central University 919-530-5594 
Scott, Tashawna Coordinator SSS Beaufort County Community College 252-940-6462 
Sides, Karen Administrative Specialist UB, UBMS Central Carolina Community College 919-718-7575 
Stanley, Kimberley Coordinator UB Elizabeth City State University 252-335-3370 
Stephens, Antonio Project Director TS, UBMS, SSS, UB Saint Augustine's University 919-516-4228 
Thewes, Matt Director VUB Carolina Central Community College 919-719-7463 
Thomas-Mckinney, Ankara Freshmen Advisor SSS Saint Augustine's University 919-516-4481 
Thomas, Sarah Success Coach TS Cleveland Community College 704-669-4268 
Tillman, Benidra Prgm Coordinator ETS Academic Institute of Central Carolina 704-536-9007 
Tittemore, Ashley Executive Director UB, UBMS, SSS, VUB Central Carolina Community College 919-718-7480 
Toms, Annette Project Director SSS Cleveland Community College 704-669-4186 
Trice, Jennifer Student Success Advocate SSS Central Carolina Community College 919-718-7559 
Tripple, Andrea Counselor SSS Central Piedmont Community College 704-330-6394 
Ware-Langston, Paula Director TS Davidson County Community College 
Watson, Shelton Project Advisor UB Gaston College 704-922-6459 
White, Guin Director UB, ETS United Piedmont Center for Educational Excellence 336-272-5353 
 Associate Director McNair University of North Carolina at Greensboro 617-850-2158 
Wilson, Judy Director UB North Carolina A&T University 336-285-3825 
Wise, Derrick Project Director TS Cleveland Community College 704-669-4189 
Wyatt, Leslie Academic Counselor  Rockingham Community College 336-342-4621 
Young, Kelly Assistant Director SSS University of North Carolina at Greensboro 336-334-9763 
Zane, Betty Academic Advisor SSS Cleveland Community College 704-669-4074 
Showing 108 items