Mission & Purpose

Mission and Purpose 


 The mission and purpose of NCCA, Inc. is to provide educational programs, instruction and training of a religious and non-religious nature to students,  teachers and parents for the purpose of improving their capabilities and contributions to their communities.


  • Offer solution oriented knowledge and skills training for families, students and teachers.
  • Provide educational opportunities for underserved, at risk and vulnerable youth.
  • Financially assist high achieving, community focused students as they aspire to continue their education.
  • Partner with other organizations through joint ventures where shared resources will bring about greater results.
  • Support domestic and foreign outreach programs that improve the quality of life in communities.


  • Educational workshops for Parents, Grandparents, Teachers and Students
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Tuition Scholarship awards
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Community Service Projects
  • Teacher development Training
  • Motivational Speaker for special events
  • Educational Consulting Services