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NCCA, Inc. Students At Risk Scholarship Winners 2018

Dollars for Scholars

NCCA, Inc. is proud and pleased to announce our 2018 Student At Risk Scholarship winners: Tracy Duhart, Tyriq Gay, Yulmy Giron-Guzman, David Rampersad, and Stephanie Vargas.  Tracy, Tyriq, and Stephanie are 2018 graduates of UC TEAMS Charter School  in Plainfield and first time recipients of this scholarship, while David and Yulmy, 2017 and 2016 graduates of UC TEAMS are continuing support scholarship recipients.  These students are  high potential scholars who are trying to leap over the hurdles of economic disadvantages, family and/or neighborhood challenges, limited resources, and the like, to pursue their dream of graduating from college and entering the following fields of endeavor: education,  accounting, business, and physical therapy. This year's scholars are not only highly focused on academic pursuits, but they also contribute to their communities by feeding the homeless, tutoring and mentoring youth, and volunteering to help impoverished women of color.  Each one of the 2018 scholarship recipients was very grateful to obtain $500 to help defray college expenses. 

 While our organization is thrilled to support Tracy, Tyriq, Yulmy, David, and Stephanie, the harsh reality is there are many more promising students we'd love to support as well.  Scholarship winners are vetted through a competitive process that results in the students with the highest scores above a mandatory composite score of 80 receiving the available scholarships.  There will always be more students in need than a non-profit organization with limited assets can fund.  That's where NCCA, Inc. supporters can come in and be of great assistance to us as we endeavor to help the greatest number of scholars possible.

                                         Yulmy Giron-Guzman              Tracy Duhart                       David Rampersad                      Tarig Gay                          Stephanie Vargas

How can you be of help?  You may donate on-line through our secure PayPal account on the welcome page or  send your tax-deductible contribution of any amount to NCCA, Inc. P.O. Box 118, Somerset, NJ 08873.  Mark scholarship fund in the memo line.  NCCA, Inc. and our future scholars will be so appreciative of your support.   We can assure you that your generous contribution will help fund the hopes and dreams of high potential scholars and bring an incalculable return on your investment.

For more information about NCCA, Inc. scholarship initiatives contact, Stephanie DeGeneste at 732-545-9422.