New Covenant Christian Association, Inc. a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization incorporated June 28, 2004, was created to TAKE ACTION.  Spurred on by the crisis in American education among at risk and especially vulnerable students, NCCA, Inc. set out to establish an academically robust program steeped in character development.  From the humble beginnings of only $250.00 and two years of tireless efforts, NCCA, Inc. opened New Covenant Christian Academy in September 2006.  For the next seven years the leadership academy was the central focus of NCCA, Inc.’s educational efforts.  New Covenant Christian Academy amassed a stellar track record that included student acceptance to elite private high schools, parent engagement strategies, workshops for staff, students, and their families, and community service initiatives.  August 2013 brought the forced closure of New Covenant Christian Academy due to circumstances precipitated by our former landlord.  Because it was not feasible to re-open the school in September 2014, NCCA, Inc. has enlarged its service reach by expanding our  educational offerings beyond the borders of a Christian school to serve communities on a grander scale.