Please be advised that this is a new registration system. Everyone will have to create a new account by following the instruction. Here is the link to register.


1. 注册一个新ID
2. 从邮件链接确认新ID
3. login 网站,注册学生
4. 注册课程
 Four steps to register for new user:

1. Register a new ID
2. Confirm the ID with the email that follows
3. Login to the web site, register student
4. Register class

The tuition payment is payable to NCCAE.

Due to the crash of the old web site, all the registration was lost. If you've already registered before 5/12/2017, please follow the above link and re-registrar. Any registration from previous years are also lost. The registration will have to be re-entered. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused. If you experience any problem with the registration, please contact Changsi Chen at