Registration Policy

Registration Procedures

  1. Please read the policies and rules on this page. They have been updated recently.

  2. Check the agreement box at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click on the Start Registration button to proceed.

Section I: Registration Policies

  1. You are required to register online.

  2. For school planning purposes, we encourage early registration.
    The regular registration fee is $30. There will be a discount on the registration fee to $10  if you register before the deadline (6/13) AND the tuition is paid or mailed out (postmarked) at or before the tuition payment deadline (6/20). 

  3. For people who want to try out the class, you are welcome to do one session after registration.

  4. Registration fee is not refundable.

Section II: Rules for Parents

To ensure a productive and safe learning environment at NCCAE, all parents/guardians have the ultimate responsibility to follow the parent rules.  All parents/guardians will be required to understand and agree the following consent agreement at registration. 

  1. Enroll and pay tuition/fees for your student(s) on time at the beginning of each school semester.

  2. Report to your student’s teacher for any absence.

  3. Responsible for supervising your child’s homework after school, and read/follow all written communications from NCCAE administrators and teachers.

  4. Responsible for going through Rules for Students with your child.

Section III: Rules for Students

 In order to maintain high ethical standards and to create a productive, safe learning environment, the following student rules will be agreed upon by students and parents/guardians, strictly enforced by teachers and school officials. All potential students and their parents/guardians will be required to understand and agree to the following consent agreement at registration.

  1. Get to class on time and prepared. Bring all required books and stationery.

  2. Respect your teachers, school officials, and volunteers who are helping school officials.

  3. Raise your hand to speak and speak only when called upon.

  4. Complete classroom assignments and homework on time.

  5. Respect others. No Intimidation, harassment, and bullying others.

  6. All cell phones/iPads should be turned off in classes unless the teacher says otherwise.


My child(ren) has my permission to participate in NCCAE (New Century Center for Academic Excellence) online learning activities. I agree to the responsibilities stated above. I will not hold New Century Center for Academic Excellence, or any of its regular personnel and volunteer workers liable for injury, accidents, illness or other unexpected things that may occur during school hours and other school activities. I have read and understand the forgoing statements. I agree to ensure the responsibility stated above and waive all claims indicated. If my student is under 13 years old,I also agree to read through the COPPA PARENTAL CONSENT FORM, download the form, sign it, and email it back to

Section V: School administration Rights

The school administration reserves the rights to adjust or further clarify all related policies above, and/or to take any further actions when needed.