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Classes are on Saturdays, starting July 7th, ending Aug. 25th, total 8 cessions.  The tuition is $200 each student (each time 2 hours) , OR $100 for one-hour cessions;

IF you have scheduled absence before the first class started, you may deduct $25 (or $12.5 ) x (Number of class missed -1); 

Check payable to NCCAE, Mail to MNCCC, P.O. Box 1078, Novi, MI 48376.  Deducted absence please indicate in your payment check; 

Student started after the first class time, may pay $30+ $25 x Number of classes remaining +$10 late fee, and subject to seats availability.

Note that after the first class day, Non-scheduled absences are NOT qualified for refund; And, the registration fee $30 is non-refundable.

   1.周六上课。 77日开始,825日结束,共8次课;

     2.学费标准   每次两小时的课,每人每门课 $200;每次一小时的课,每人每门课 $100

          另加统一标准的注册费 $10 (71日或以后注册费 $30)。以交费的支票邮戳 Post Mark Date 为准;


    3. 预先有计划的缺课,可以调整学费。 计算方法:每次两小时的课按 $25 x (缺课次数 -1) 的方法计算;  每次一小时的课按 $12.5 x (缺课次数 -1) 的方法计算,


   4. 开学当天交费者,注册费按 $30计算; 当天还可以计算有计划的缺课。 此后增加的缺课,包括 Cancel 课程,所有费用不退还。

   5. 支票里务必注明学生姓名。支票 payable to NCCAE, Mail to MNCCC, P.O. Box 1078, Novi, MI 48376

   6. 如果出现教师资源或者学生人数等问题,有些课程可能会取消。如果课程取消,所有费用(包括注册费)全退。

              请加入并关注微信 NCCAE 家长群有关通知。

 7. 有些课程有座位限制,可能会满员。这个注册系统会记录每门课注册报名的顺序,却不会在满员之后自动关闭。如果这样的情况发生,满员以后的报名只能看作 “Waiting ,List”, 即,要在开学以后跟老师协商如何处理。 如果满员以后的报名实在无法接收,我们会尽快通知你改换或者取消。因为这个原因取消的报名,将全额退款。

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