DateClassOn duty
On duty
5/7/2017Registration starts. Registration fee $30 will be exempted if you register before the deadline (6/10) AND the tuition is paid or mailed out (post stamped) at or before the tuition payment deadline (6/17).
6/10/2017Early Registration Ends. $30 registration fee applies. 
6/24/20171st Session.Cindy Miao
Lianggen Zheng
Changsi Chen

Scott Yan
Michelle Liu
Zhe Kong
7/1/2017No Class (Independent Day Holiday)
7/8/20172nd Session.Scott YanZhe Kong
7/15/20173rd Session.
Cindy Miao
Zhe Kong
7/22/20174th Session.Cindy MiaoLianggen Zheng
7/29/20175th Session.Changsi ChenMichelle Liu
8/5/20176th Session.Lianggen ZhengScott Yan
8/12/20177th Session.Lianggen ZhengScott Yan
8/19/20178th Session.Zhe KongChangsi Chen
8/26/20179th Session (Last Session).Changsi ChenMichelle Liu