Each year Methodist pastors and delegates from churches in a region gather for what is called "CONFERENCE." Major decisions regarding leadership selection, ordination of clergy, ecclesiastical policy, vision casting and resourcing have been a part of "Annual Conferences" since they began in the 18th Century.

This year is the 154th sitting of the North Central Conference.

On this web page you will find reports from each of the 70+ congregations, fellowships and church plants that comprise the NCC. You will see ballots prepping attenders to make wise decisions about they would like to see leading the churches in Christ. You will see the common ground rules that guide us. And more...

Resourcing the lay and clergy leaders at AC2013 (Annual Conference 2013) is GARY THOMAS, eminent speaker and author focusing upon spiritual life. The theme THIRSTY is call to North Central Conference Christians to remain true to or return to their FIRST LOVE, the Lord of Life and of the Church, Jesus Christ. THIRSTY is call to embrace the whole gospel.

Be praying for AC2013. Be blessed.

Supt. Mark Adams