Here's a list of various forums and resource pages that I've found insightful in my many years from lurking AE86 related sites.  There are a lot more out there on top of the list that I already have here, I'll add them here as I bump into them again, or if someone throws links at me.

Keep up with the updates on links I add here:

In no particular order, here they are.

Forums: (Worldwide, mostly CA folk)  [ old club4ag] (mostly Pacific North West US folk) (Ireland)

Resource Pages:
Factory Service Manuals (FSM) Downloads: (see more on the left toolbar on the site) (login required, well worth it though.  trust me)

The AE86 is 25+ years old.  And people have done nearly everything with them, and discussed it on the above websites atleast twice over since then. 11 times out of 10, whatever your question may be, it has been answered.  (so use the search function, okay?)

Why California sucks:
DIY car rotisserie:
DIY Sound Deadener Removal (Dry ice and hammer):
KCat on theft deterrent:

Engine Related:
danununununununununn BATPAN!:
Discussion on turbo-ing stock 4AGE: 
Honda intake manifold to 4AGE:
Getting big power out of 4age:
Redtop injectors on a bluetop:
DIY Control IACV Idle-Up via switch:
DIY Civic radiator install (budget, lightweight alum radiator):

Suspension Related:
Breakdown on what suspension bits do for your corolla and driving:
DIY Manual steering rack swap for AE86:
DIY Short stroke coilover suspension (Seymour86):
DIY Short stroke coilover suspension (Doriten):
DIY Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) on AE86:
Spot welding the chassis:
DIY Panhard bar for cheap:
Installing Poly Bushings onto 4-links:

Drivetrain Related:
Weir R&P troubles... (be wary): dead
Clutch & rear differential overhaul:
Rear wheel bearing replacement:

Brake Related:
RX7 FC front brake calipers on your AE86 using Mini Cooper S Discs - O276x22mm (PDF included):
Discussion on brake booster delete:

DIY Polish your valve covers!:
DIY Door panel repair:
DIY Dash Cap w/o huge overlay install!:
DIY: Refreshing Your Front Seatbelts (AE86 & most older toyotas):
DIY Rolling a fender w/o fender roller (Drift Tengoku):
Stretching tires (Doriten):
DIY tire change w/o a machine, and in crocs:
Interchangeable wheel studs (also look into Lexus'/other bigbody 'yotas): 
DIY Bumper bar (a great simple fabrication project to try out yourself if you have the means):
DIY Electric Window Install!  With super sweet Turtle comics! 
Rear Overfender Install:

Mike Yee's favorite threads/builds/links (no order):
PDM Racing auto-x AE86 build:
The little pink corolla that could:
Angry4AG's awesome drag corollas *500+hp builds*: SDSefi page is still up:
Kai's amazingly awesome corollas:
Turtle's build (In awesome 2D ANIMATION!):
MR-Rolla!  Double-Suck twin engine Lemons racecar:
What happens when you street race: (rotas held up fairly well in the crusher)
How to not load a car into a truck:
Club4AG Roots video (1996-2005):
SF Levin, Billy's Top-End build:
Iida Akira's $100,000 Levin build (holyfuck): comical video of build:
Drift Tengoku AE86 Special (scans with English translations):
G-Works April Article on Tec-Arts 7AGE Black Limited with some Shark action (scans with English translations):
Drift Tengoku March 2011 (with some corolla action):
Hayashi's full-on carbonfibber Tsukuba Levin:

New Owner's Guide:
Oil change.  (it works, good tips for beginners):
....  Other "basic" walk-throughs should be consulted through the "handy-dandy Factory Service Manual"!  if you're unsure about something, best to stick with whats recommended by Toyota OEM!  Again, find the manuals here:  Trusting a random dude telling you what to do when you're not so familiar with something can be dangerous.  Last think you want is something critical to fail on you at highway speeds x_x.  So it cannot be stressed enough to stick with what the Toyota FSM recommends when you're in unfamiliar territory.  I mean, Toyota have had cars going for hundreds of thousands of miles, many without skipping a beat!  

Where to Buy Parts? (in no order)
*BATTLE VERSION.  Suspension bits (I honestly don't think there's anything else better than BV when it comes to corolla suspension pieces):
*Techno Toy Tuning.  Almost everything:
*Parts Shop Max.  Coilovers, also has hydraulic ebrake kits, interior stuff, etc:  Almost forgot they have full 5-link kit now:
*Xcessive Manufacturing.  1UZ to Corolla mount kits:
*AJPS.  also has a lot of great stuff.  located in Aus:
*TORPARTS.  OEM corolla reproduction pieces (probably best quality repro's.  good dudes, just don't mention Obama):
*EP Importers.  Japan based importer that specializes in cat stuff.  Rob, the man behind EP, can bid on yahoo auctions for you, and even place orders for UpGarage!  Rob is good people:
*Japanese Wheel Classifieds USA Facebook Group.  Strictly JDM wheels (many at somewhat decent prices too).
*BATTLE GARAGE.  "SQ Engineering, MRP, and AJPS from overseas. Also stock a lot of 20V swap and maintenance related parts."

more to come later.  last update, 6 June 2013