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A1 - A15 Junction

This is the junction where the old A1 / Great North Road, carrying traffic from the proposed Employment Area and main exits from the proposed Great Haddon Residential Area, meets the A15 (London Road), carrying traffic from the other main residential exits, Yaxley, Farcet, and Hampton. It will be traffic-light controlled.
The junction is proposed to be replaced with a roundabout in Phase 3 of the development.
The junction is only a few yards from the A1(M) Norman Cross Intersection (Junction 16).
View south-west across the junction of the old A1/Great North Road (from the right) with the A15 (London Road), approaching Norman Cross Intersection (A1(M) Junction 16). March 2011
View west across the junction of the old A1/ Great North Road with the A15 (London Road). March 2011
View east from the old A1 / Great North Road, approaching the A15 (London Road).
The road bends to the right after the white van. The Norman Cross Memorial is visible. March 2011