• Lyn's Recovery Story, in Dollars and Cents We wanted to share this attached document which is "an ethnographic exploration of health care costs through one person’s story" - showing the cost-effectiveness of investing in recovery and community inclusion supports such as peer support, employment and housing for individuals we serve. Excerpt: "Over the 5 years I consider my “early recovery,” I saved the coffers a total of $479,136.80" This was developed by Lyn Legere, national vocational recovery consultant, who has been working with us to offer Benefits Counseling and Employment Peer Mentor Training for our IPS Supported Employment initiative. (Thank you for letting us share your story, Lyn!) Please share widely!
    Posted Apr 22, 2014, 11:14 AM by Emery NCROCs
  • Petition to Oppose Murphy Bill: HR 3717 It is crucial that North Carolina Citizens unite in their opposition to the Muprhy Bill, hr-3717. One powerful way to do this is to sign this HR-3717 opposition petition which will be directly shared with the 4 NC representatives who serve on committees through which the bill must pass. This bill represents a thinly disguised assault on the civil liberties of all U.S. Citizens who are in the recovery process from mental health and/or substance abuse challenges.  It would push Involuntary Outpatient Commitment (I.O.C.) which could include forced medication despite the lack of clear evidence which supports this type of coerced treatment.  This bill also would also remove privacy protections and would reduce the ...
    Posted Feb 12, 2014, 1:40 PM by Emery NCROCs
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NC ROCs HR 3717 Position Paper

NC ROCs HR 3717 Position Endorsement

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