Report from JavaOne 2012

Looking at the all NetBeans related sesions at JavaOne 2012, seems like NetBeans is making a big comeback.
If you do search for  'NetBeans' at ContentCatalog you'll get 37 sessions and 30 speakers. Pretty nice number comparing to other IDE's/RCP's. Sessions included topics that range from Web development with Java EE 6, desktop development on NetBeans RCP, Java FX development, NetBeans IDE tools, features and future development, and community sessions. The overall impression is, that when it comes to NetBeans - everything was covered.

At NetBeans Community Day there were several sessions that covered
  • NetBeans strategy and development goals
  • NetBeans and Java EE
  • NetBeans and Java FX
  • NetBeans Platform
  • Community session about further community growth and chalenges 
It was amazing thing that sessions had full conference room, despite the fact that it was the Sunday morning and pre-conference day.

Its interesting to mention that at one of the sessions it was pointed out that one of the most requested feature for NetBeans IDE is the UML plugin. Our user group has made some steps into development of UML plugin, and after seeing this our efforts will definitly be increased.

We should mention that our user group was involved in the following JavaOne sessions: