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Hi, my name is Bernie Connors and I live near Fredericton, New Brunswick. My children play many sports including hockey, soccer, baseball, volleyball, football and basketball.  Sometimes I have a hard time finding the ice arena (or soccer field or gymnasium) in an unfamiliar part of New Brunswick. I started using and other websites to map the locations of a few ice arenas and I was sharing the maps with the other parents on my son's hockey team. 

I decided I could help a lot more parents get their kids to the game on time if I made a database of all the ice arenas in New Brunswick. So in January of 2005 I began building the New Brunswick Ice Arena Database. That went well so a few years later in January 2007 I began to build this website - "NB Sport Spots". So if you have kids involved in sports I hope you find this website helpful.

I also have another reason for building the
NB Sport Spots website. I am a GIS professional (GIS = Geographic Information System). I use GIS software, digital maps, databases, and GPS everyday to do my job. I believe nearly everything can be managed a little better with the use of maps that are accurate and up to date. It could be something as simple as getting the kids to the game on time or something as complex as managing the natural resources of our province, protecting our environment, or even conserving tax dollars by making better decisions. Almost all information can be linked to a location on a map - that is the power of GIS.