Feminist Shirts

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XX Large

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Every shirt is recycled and hand screened

Shirt sizing was done by us and is therefore relative.  You can try on as many shirts as you like.  We have a full exchange policy for anyone who was unable to try their shirt on and later found out it doesn't fit.


For those who are local:

Each shirt seen on these pages is $20

To request a specific shirt, just e-mail us with the number associated with it on the website and we'll make arrangements for you to pick it up.


 Need the shirt(s) mailed?

Shirts are $25 + mailing

 If you see a shirt you like and need it mailed, e-mail us your order and we'll make arrangements for payment/mailing.

Or you could purchase your order through pay pal! Just make sure to enter the shirt number(s) in the comments.

Want something you own screen printed? It's $10 per print 

If you're interested in this option, please email us! We will let you know when we're doing another screen printing run, and can make arrangements for you to drop off an item to be screened (with the choice of either of our logos) for $10 a print. 

Our shirt pages are still under construction, so keep checking as more shirts will be added!

Current Designs:

Feminist Fist



NBRebELLEs Fist 
Special Thank-you to Angela Black who designed our wonderful logos.