August 22, 2009 in Officer's Square, Fredericton, NB

Workshops/Skillshares include those participants who wish to teach, or share, a skill to small groups at no cost at specified times and durations during the festival.  There is no cost to provide a workshop or skillshare, but you are responsible for providing your own table/shelter/materials/etc. that may be necessary.

  • 10am-11am: Kaleidoscope Collages with Najat Abdou-McFarland
  • 11am-12pm: Singing Workshop by Judy Lavigne (Madrigal Music)
  • 1pm-2pm: Custom Perfuming with Katie Everett
  • 2pm-3pm: Pilates with Cara Berube
  • 3pm-4pm: Making Felted Brooches with Shannon Amey
  • 4pm-5pm: Yoga with Tammy Blyth