Festival Map and List of Booths

August 22, 2009 in Officer's Square,  Fredericton, NB

A1 – Rania Youssef (Spinach Fatirah)

A2 – Nadia Elmareami (Food)

A3 – Patrice Williams (D'International Kitchen)

A4 – Judy Lavigne (Madrigal Music)

B1 – Hui Zhang (Jewellery)

B2 – Margaret Myles (Avon)

B3 – Elizabeth Giesbrecht (Greeting Cards)

B4 – Mark Taylor (Crafts)

B5 – Monique MacNaughton (Face Sketching/Caricatures)

B6 – Johanna Adams (Henna)

B7 – Samantha Hodder (Jewellery and Crafts)

B8 – Katherine Everett (Custom Perfuming)

C1 – Haruka (Japanese Handmade Crafts)

C2 – Tammy Blyth (le petit senoritas)

C3 – Tammy Blyth (The Mazarolle Gallery)

C4 – Susan Young (Shooting Star Photography)

C5 – Steph Despres (Fantasia)

C6 – Tiffany Ellis (Yesterday's Women)

C7 – Geraldine Tibayrenc (New Brunswick Trails Council Inc)

C8 – Jennifer Johnson (Soleworks Reflexology)

C9 – Sherry Hamilton (B.U.Dezines)

D1 – Marguerite Boucher (Acadian crafts by Magbou Creations)

D2 – Tracy Glynn (Conservation Council of NB)

D3 - Clair Voyant

D4 – Jessica Whitlock (Jewels by Jess)

D5 – Camille Wallace (Belly Dancing Parties)

D6 – Tracy Glynn (Fredericton Peace Coalition)

D8 – Jenn Gorham (FSACC)

D9 – Yvonne Kershaw (CDs and Music Lessons)

E1 – Neeta Hathi (Henna Tattoos)

E2 – Wendy Johnston (NB ACSW)

E3 – Tiffany Allan (Mary Kay Cosmetics)

E4 – Aneas MacInnis (Artist)

E5 – Fanie Mazerolle (Latasia Jewellery)

E6 –  Michelle Gill (AIDS NB)

E7 – Rachel Arsenault(NB Coalition for Pay Equity and NB Childcare Coalition)

E8 – Tracy Glynn (NB-PIRG)

E9 – Nathalie Julian (Artist)


F1 – Christine Spencer (Massage)

F2 – Tammy Paradis (APEGNB Fredericton Branch)

F3 – Tracy Glynn (NB Media Co-op)

F4 – Jessica Porter (Good Life Fitness)

F5 – Shannon Amey (Arts and Crafts)

F6 – Lorna Drew (Poodle Art Photo Collages)

F7 – Darlene Parker (Mary Kay Cosmetics)

F8 – Brianna Turcotte (Student Price Cards)

F9 – Dariel Green (Artist)

G1 – Cynthia Ryder (Cynthia Ryder Jewellery)

G2 – Indu Khaitan (Handicrafts and Henna Tattoos)

G3 – Anne Marie Hartford (Nurturing Ourselves Conference)

G4 - Erin Georgina McKenna (Potter)

G5 – Karen Robichaud (Author)

G6 – Tiffany Colaco (Peace Pieces)

G7 – Maddy Venugopal (Crafts)