From NB RebELLEs

Q - Who are the NBRebELLEs?

A - The New Brunswick RebELLEs are a Fredericton, NB committee of young feminists that was formed to facilitate the attendance of young, New Brunswick women at The Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering in Montreal on October 11-13th, 2008. The focus of this conference was to engage the attendants in discussion and promote action on feminist issues that surround them on a daily basis. 

The participants of this conference were women aged 14 to 35 who self identify as feminists and who are looking to analyze, discuss, experience and take action on feminist issues in Canada.  

Through fundraising activities and with the help of many generous sponsors, the Fredericton RebELLEs successfully raised enough funds to send 35 New Brunswick women to the conference in Montreal. 

After the conference, the Fredericton NBRebELLEs adopted the manifesto and continue to organize and partake in actions that further the feminist call to action.


Q - What if I'm not a feminist, but I care about women's issues?

A - If you’re interested in advancing women’s rights and are concerned with women’s issues, you may be a feminist.  We always try to create a safe space at our meetings and events for people to discuss the term ‘feminist,’ what the term means, and what meaning it holds for them.



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