A Heritage Project by Grade 2 and 3 Language Arts Students - McAdam Avenue School - Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

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 Jerry Baker

My dad was a lumber jack. He would go away for 6-8 months at a time. It was always a special time when he came home. He never had any schooling for he had to work on fishing ships when he was very young. We had a good relationship. As for myself I only got a little schooling. At the age of 10, I was working in the pulp woods. We had a big family of 19 children. We had very little money. We had to go without things many times. We shared clothes and the few toys we had with each other, but we had lots of love!!!! By Jerry Barker - MY DAD


My Grammy Murtle Bannister

I will tell you about her. Murtle Bannister was born in Cody's. Her favorite book was Anne of Green Gables!! There was no TV then. Her best subject was math. She liked to play hide and seek. Her job around the house was dusting. She did not get any allowance. A memory of a special day for my Grammy was when her Dad came home from over seas in World War II.


My Grandparent Daphne Baxter

My grammy, Daphane Baxter came from Amherst, Nova Scotia. She is married to Phil Ackerson. She loved math, watched Man of [From] U.N.C.L.E and read Mysterious Island. She also liked to play Monopoly. She had to do the dishes, and weed the garden and she didn't get any allowance! When she first went to school she went to a one room school houses, but then she went to a new big school.


My grandmother Betty

My grandmother, Betty came from Upper Napan, New Brunswick. She is very nice to me and my brother. She likes to read after school. She makes the best blueberry cobbler. She loved math in school and she only got 0.25¢ for allowance. Crokinole was her favorite game. I remember when I went to my nanna's house without my mom or brother just me and nanna. She lives in Doaktown now. Her favorite TV show was The Little House on the Prairie. She liked the bobbsey twins, and that's all I know about nanna.


My Grandfather Grampy Bob

My grampie Bob lived in Johnville. His favorite book is a house divided McCain. He enjoyed watching Live at 5. On Wednesday's after school his favorite thing to do was home and lunch. When he was in school he liked to do religion. He couldn't wait to play hopscotch because that was his favorite game. He liked helping out in the family but his favorite thing to do was feed chickens and gathering eggs. What he got for his allowance was all you could eat. His favorite day was when he went to the Johnville picnic (allowance for the 0.25¢)


 Harold Bubar

My great grampy's name is Harold Bubar. He was born in 1900 and he was born in Durham Bridge. He went to school for 3 days in another person's place. He worked on the family farm for a very young age. He never went to school only the time he went in place of another person for 3 days. In his home there was no electricity, and no TV and no running water. He was 12 years old when the Titanic sank.



Harold F. Bubar, better known along the Nashwaak as Hickey, was born in Upper Durham, NB in 1900; the youngest and only remaining member of a family of five children. As far back as he remembers, his family were New Brunswickers, raised here on the Nashwaak. He's lived an agrarian life-style, working the lands and forests for eighty-nine years, all within a seven mile distance of his birthplace! At the age of nine his family moved to Durham where, being the youngest, kept him in the family homestead until well into his thirties. He and his wife of over fifty-five years lived their first years with his parents. Hickey worked from the time he was old enough to help on the farm, haying ten acres and cutting wood. In the woods they worked with cross-cut saws and a team of horses to haul the logs to the roadway. Relief came with the newer bucksaws but it wasn't until most of Hickey's wood-cutting days were over that the power saw, which we take for granted, became a tool of the trade. I say most of his wood-cutting days, because at the mention of power saw, Hickey's face lit up as he nodded toward his wife, chatting at the table with us, saying "She won't let me use it!" Her quick response was "Tell her about the tie!" "The tie I queried?" "Yes" she answered, "I came home one day and found a neck-tie and torn to pieces so I asked him what the devil had happened and he told me it got caught in the power saw!" With this, Hickey covered his face and giggled contagiously!

Other means of income over the years included raising and butchering pigs, or he remembers vividly, at the age of ten, picking potatoes for 1¢ per barrel. At about forty, his carpentry skills had developed to the point where be built the home in which they raised four children. He continued in this trade, building barns and houses in the area and in the city, where he would work for $12 per week, sometimes hiring help for $4 per week.

When asked about education, Hickey's response, with a giggle and a wave "Oh, I guess I went three days in another fella's place!" We then went on to discuss the fact that in those days and boys in particular had very little formal education as they were needed for chores around the farm. Girls on the other hand fared a bit better. His wife Evelyn went to grade seven. Both were educated in a one room school house, with a generally cranky and strict "school marm"; Hickeys' other reason for leaving.

Hickey remembers hard times through the depression, with stiff competition for meager wages; however, in this rural New Brunswick setting, family and friends pulled together, providing for themselves whenever possible. Through the war years he remained at home to cut wood or work the farm; not by choice but because the army wouldn't take him for medical reasons. At the age of sixteen, Hickey and some of the neighbor boys were rough-housing, when they all fell on top of him, breaking his leg. A doctor was contacted, but was unable to arrive until the next day on the "Whooper", a passenger train that travelled the Miramichi-Fredericton area. They cut a board and wrapped it to his leg from hip to ankle - to stay on for six or seven weeks. At six weeks he tried to get out of bed and walk for the first time. He had another fall because of the dizziness; but at seven weeks his father, having really missed the extra help, asked if he felt up to loading a train car of pulp. He had to be carried to the car, but he loaded it all with the board still strapped to his leg. They decided then it was time to remove it; and life continued. The bone, however, mended incorrectly, leaving one leg shorter than the other - hence his refusal for service in the army, plus a permanent limp.

As mentioned, his absence was certainly noticed during his time of convalescence, but neighbors pitched in to help with work and he was never alone in his bedroom. Children from neighboring farms came daily to entertain and sit with him. Hickey grew up with people all around him and that's the way he's happiest. He and Evelyn met at a "pie social" and even now, they don't miss a community supper, or wedding, or baby shower. They prepare a plate of food and off they go, happy to give to others just starting out. In years gone by, the men always joined in these activities common to rural New Brunswick life, but in later years Hickey may well be the only man to attend! Does that bother him? No; he just loves to go and catch up on all the news and to see folks he hasn't seen in a while. The other men don't know what they're missing! Hickey still drives his own car, and the Bubars go into Fredericton about three times a week; sometimes to visit Evelyn's twin sister and her husband, sometimes for groceries or errands, and other times just to browse the northside mall; stopping to chat with folks the whole time. They also go to church every Sunday as they always have. Evelyn enjoys quilting and Hickey likes to putter around the house and yard. He also enjoys a stroll in the woods. They belong to the local Golden Age Club and have taken advantage of several bus tours available to seniors. On one recent tour to the chip factory in Florenceville, they were particularly impressed with a stop along the way at a house whose owner is a clock collector, with clocks of every shape and size throughout the entire house! They were also very impressed with the automation of the factory. Of course, the Bubars stopped and chatted along the way, adding to their long list of friends and acquaintance.

Harold Bubar is a "people person" for sure and it is his belief that the majority of older people are the same as him: sharing concerns about others' well-being, taking time to stop and say hello, and living a layed back lifestyle. The faster pace is not for him. It bothers him that many of their friends are Alzheimer's victims and mentioned one elderly lady who lives alone and has withdrawn from society in recent years. Naturally, the Bubars stop by, or phone, this lady whenever they can. Friends their own age span the entire Nashwaak Valley, but the Bubars have friends in all categories. There have been some younger people Hickey has stopped to talk to or offer advice, that would just as soon turn their backs or make fun; still others that don't have time, being too busy in their hustle-bustle lifestyle, but for the most part, younger people are genuinely concerned about the elderly - adult children being committed to the happiness and well-being of parents. He does admit that there are different types of people in all age groups, but here in this rural New Brunswick community, "folks is folks" no matter what the age and he wouldn't trade it for the world. I for one think Hickey's got the right idea.

(Bonnie MacNeill, 1989)

My Dede Clarence

My dede was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia. His name is Clarence. My dede worked at his dad's store. Dede got paid 10¢. It was enough to go to the movies. One time they were selling bikes that looked like motorbikes. You had to get so many tickets. Dede's sister got the first bike. He watched Bonanza and Ponderosa. Then he read Robin Hood. But his dad died when he was only 10. His favorite subject in school was Math! My favorite subject in school is Art! After school he liked playing ball, crib, and checkers. He also loved swimming. One of his favorite times was when he learned how to swim. Dede travelled all over the world! Some of the places were Germany (when he was in the War!), England, Ireland, Scotland, United States, and all over Canada.


 Clates My Grandfather and Me

My grandfather's name is Clates. He was born in Howard, New Brunsswick. I was born in Fredericton. My favorite book is Harry Potter. His is up, up and away. I love the show Digimon. He likes the Beverly Hillbillies. I like to play after school. He likes to slide after school. In school I like art, he likes math. My favorite game is Digimon, his is hockey. I have to clean my room. He had to cut wood. I got $2.00 a week. He got $0 a week


My Grandparent Darlene

My Nanny, she was born in Fredericton. She likes to play Uno. Her favorite TV show is Friends, and her favorite book is the Bible. She liked to do spelling in school. She did dusting for a chore. Her allowance was 0$. She liked to read after school and her name is Darlene


 Jerry Davis

My Grandfather, Jerry Davis, was born in Hartland and still lives there. He had nine bothers and sisters. One of his chores was to milk the cow! His family had an outhouse. There was no TV at that time. His favorite day was May Basket Day. They would hang May Baskets full of candy on people's doors and run away. His favorite book was Buck Rogers. His favorite game was baseball. He didn't get any allowance. He has always liked fishing. He used to fish in the salmon pool in Hartland but the salmon are gone now. My favorite memory was when I went to my Gramie and Grampie's house this Christmas. It was really fun!!


 Irene Dicarlo

My grandmother lives in North Minto. Here favorite school subject is math and her name is Irene Dicarlo. But she did house cleaning and she is 71. Her favorite game is hopscotch. Her favorite book was Lady Diane and Pierre Trudeau. My grandmother's most best day was her wedding day. Me and my grandmother's favorite day was when we went to the Zoo. We fed the zoo animals, it was fun and cool. OHYAA, My grandmother's favorite thing to do after school is play house. And my thing to do after school is invent. When my grandmother was small she had a pet hen that would climb on her shoulder and pick at her hair clips, and she worked at a store called 5 and dime. She liked to go to dances and drive ski-doos with grampy, and my grandmother had to walk to church.


 Edith My Grandmother

My nannie was born in Canterbury, New Brunswick. I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. My nannie's name is Edith and that's not all, just wait and I will tell you a very interesting story. My nannie's mother, my great-grandmother was named Cord. She was a school teacher. She taught several grades in a one room country school house. Every summer my nannie's whole family moved to their camp on Skiff Lake. When my nannie was a little older she worked at a canteen in the summer. She had lots of friends and was the best basketball player. My nannie's favorite memory was when she graduated valedictorian of her class. She was very sad to leave school. Nannie went to business college, one year of university and one year of nursing. She was a legal secretary.


My Nan Marilyn Galbraith

My nan's name is Marilyn Galbraith. She is from New Brunswick. She tells me one of her favorite books back then was Nancy Drew. She also told me that she didn't get an allowance. Also like me, her favorite subjects in school were reading and music. Monopoly was her favorite game.

When she got home from school she liked to play piano and ride her horse. But what she didn't like to do, was take her sister for a walk and do dishes!! Blaaghh!!!

Only sometimes I have to do dishes, but I always have to do my homework.


Grandparent Interview My Grampy

My grampy was born in Sussex. His favorite book was Grade 4 Reader. There was no TV back then. He played ball or fished. He got no allowance because nobody had much money back then. He quit school in Grade 4 and went to work on a farm. I can't imagine quiting school in Grade 4. His job at home was to carry water from the river. They didn't have water in taps back then. They didn't have electricity either. They used candles at night. My grampy has to have dialysis because his kidneys don't work. The dialysis machine cleans his blood. They didn't have dialysis machines in the old days.


 My Grampy

My grampy was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia and I was born in Fredericton. My grampy loves this book, the Tom Swift Series. My favorite book is Matilda. My grampy got 0¢ for an allowance. You know what? I get 0¢ too. My grampy had to shovel snow. I had to do the dishes. I hate doing the dishes. My grampy played basketball and I play basketball and soccer and I like soccer the best. My grampy went to University and I will go to University.


 My Grampy

I am writing about my Grampy. My Grampy tells me that life now is a lot different than when he was a child.

He says that people now a-days are spoiled. Back then they used to work for a lot less than now. He remembers when my great-grandfather worked for 10¢ a day!! Another thing my grampy remembers is the use of horses back then. Today people are spoiled by the use of machines.

So, as you can see our great-grandparents lived life a lot different and had it a lot tougher than we do today.

For one thing I was born in Fredericton in the hospital but my grampy was born at home in Zealand. My favorite book is the Magic Tree House. My grampy liked the book Wild Horses. I like to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch. My grampy liked the Little Rascals. After school he liked to play hockey and so do I.


 My Grampy

My grampy loves to ride his bike. His favorite show is baseball. His favorite subject is math. His allowance is 0.5¢-.10¢ a week. My grampy's favorite game is Crokinale. He did chores like milking the cows and feeding the hens. When he goes to bed he takes out his false teeth. He was born in Hartland. I know he likes to read the Bible. His most favorite day was when he got his new bike.


My Grandmother Kay

My grandmother's name is Kay and she is fun and she does not like scary movies and she likes the book Little Women. She was born in Douglas and her favorite subject in school was spelling.


 Manuela My Grandmother

My grandmother was born in Haro, Spain. She still lives [there]. She is very nice. She plays with me, brother and cousins. I love her a lot. Her name is Manuela. Her favorite book is Platero y Yo. My grandmother liked to do the same things as I did [do] after school. She liked to play outside and skip just like me. I love going to her house. Her favorite thing to do at school was sew. I think they where a little to young to sew in grade 3. She never got allowance, she said it wasn't good to give allowance back then. She couldn't watch TV back then, but now her favorite TV show is Laugh Programs. When she went to school it was really different because she had to bring her own chair from home, because the school didn't have enough money to buy the chairs because of the War. THE END.


My Nany Marjorie

My nany was born in Bonavista. Her name is Marjorie. When she was in school she was in a one room classroom. The grade went from 1 to grade 12. Nany was only able to go to grade 6. Then, since she was the oldest girl, she had to leave school to help her mom raise the children. Nany's dad was a fisherman and a farmer. She left Bonavista and went to Cape Breton working when she was only 16. Every week she sent money home to her parents (Just to be kind and help them). Nany had 7 brothers and sisters and she was the oldest girl. Nany had to sleep in a bed with two of her sisters. Most nights she loved this, except when the youngest would pee the Bed! Nany had a simple life. However when she met my dede she travelled with him to the USA, around Canada, Scotland, Ireland and England where they went to Buckingham Place in London.


 Jim McAllister Heritage

My grandfather Jim McAllister was a trade school teacher/contractor. He had a lot of kid in him. He died because of a heart attack. When I was a year and a half, me and my grampy got up around 5:00 am. We sat at the breakfast table and ate out of a large bowl. All of the people were trying to sleep but all they could hear was Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Me and grampy had fun together.


My grandmother Norma McGrath

My grandmother Norma McGrath was born in Connell. Her favorite book is the Bible. She liked the show 100 Huntly Street. She liked best to play after school. Her favorite subject in school was Algebra. Her favorite game is Blindman's Bluff. She liked cooking. Her allowance was 0.50¢. Her very most special day was the day she met the king and queen.


 Grampy McNeill Me and My Grampy

Me and my grampy were both born in Fredericton, and we both have a favorite book and only one of us has a favorite TV show, because there wasn't any TV back in the past when grampy was little. My favorite thing to do after school is play Game Boy, and my grampie's favorite thing to do after [school] was play baseball. My favorite thing to do in school is art, and my grampie's favorite thing to do in school was math. My favorite memory is the last day of school in Grade 2, and my grampie's favorite memory is fishing with my Dad.

When my grampy McNeill went to school he had to walk a long way to get there, and all the grades were in one room, and the only heat was a wood stove in the middle of classroom. When my grampy McNeill got bigger he had a horse and a sled and he used to take wood from Burtt's Corner all the way to the market in Fredericton and sell it.


My Grandmother Bird Palmer

Bird Palmer is my grandmother. She was born in Gagetown, New Brunswick in 1934. She had 13 brothers and sisters and no indoor plumbing. Back then she didn't have a TV, instead she read the Bobbsey Twins book. She didn't have any board games or computer either, so she played hide and go seek with her brothers and sisters. After school she liked to play paper dolls, that she cut out of the Sears catalogue. They never had much money so she didn't get any allowance or many treats. For chores she washed dishes…… 15 people sure dirty a lot of dishes!

She went to a one room school. All grades were in the same room. She needed to walk 7 miles one way to school, even in the winter storms when the snow was waist high. It usually was dark outside by the time she got home after school. Once in school she got the strap because she didn't know her geography!!

I'm sure glad I wasn't her !!


 Dorothy Reynolds My Grandmother

My grandmother, Dorothy was born in England. Her favorite kind of books were farm stories. When she was a little girl there was no TV. Her favorite thing to do after school was to jump rope. The best subject in school was English. She played alot of hide-and-seek! Her job around the house was to polish the brass. When she was little she didn't get an allowance. Nil! Nothing! Her memory of a very special day was her Confirmation Day!

Well that's all I know about my grandmother Dorothy Reynolds!

Her Grandchild

My birth was in Fredericton, New Brunswick. My favorite book is Charlotte's Web. The TV show I like is Arthur. The thing I like to do after school is playing outside. My favorite subject is Art. I like to play the game "mouse trap" I make my bed in the morning and for an allowance I get $2.00. My memory of a very special day was when I was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding!!!!


My Grandmother Marie Richard

My grandmother, Marie Richard from Saint Louis, Kent Co. didn't like reading, but liked to watch TV and liked the Ed Sullivan show. After school she liked to play marbles, skip and tin-can. Her subject in school was spelling and ball was her favorite game. Her chore was babysitting and no pay day! One of her most specialest days is when Uncle Lawance was adopted by her and her family. The End.


 Carolyn Roy My Grandmother

My grandmother Carolyn Roy, came from Frederictn. Carolyn's favorite book was Heidi.

My grandmother liked the show Time for Juniors and her favorite thing to do was to go to her grandmother's house. She liked it there because she got to go to the circus!

My grandmother liked English and Social Studies and her job was to bring in the wood and she didn't get an allowance. Her favorite thing to do after school was to have a snack and ride her bike.

When she got older she had to milk cows and feed chickens, pigs, horses and cows. When she was milking the cows they would hit her in the face with their tails because the cows were trying to hit the flies.


 Lillian Savoy

My Nanny was born in Newcastle, New Brunswick. She grew up in Nelson-Miramichi, New Brunswick, and she still lives there today. My Nanny's name was Lillian Savoy until she married my Papa, named Everette Goguen. Then she was Lillian Goguen. My Nanny had two daughters - Tanya, my mom, and Tracy my aunt. My Nanny likes to play cards. And her favorite sport is bowling. My Nanny's favorite thing is being a grandparent!



My grandmother, Virginia is very nice. (I mean so nice that she spoils me). We usually go to the mall. My grandmother was born in Sudbury and she got $2.00 allowance and that was a lot back then! She loves the game scrabble too. My grandmother loved to cook and I think she still does. Her favorite subject in school was spelling and spelling is one of my favorites too!!


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