The History of Company #2

    In 1923, a handful of homeowners in the north end of the fire district decided to organize, because they felt they needed more fire protection nearer to them. These men first met in a building on Waltoffer Avenue which was a laundry. After a few meetings they bought a used Reo Truck. They put this into use as their first fire truck. It was equipped with shovels, pails, and brooms. The truck was housed in a garage on the corner of Washington and Decatur Avenue. Mounted on the roof of the garage was a school bell which was sounded as a fire signal.     At this time, the men requested a charter from the State of New York. This was granted and the organization was now known as Engine Company No. 2, which was part of the North Bellmore Fire District. Property was now purchased on Newbridge Road which is still to this day the present location of the firehouse. Money was needed to build a garage. 

    The men went door to door to every homeowner in the area to whom they sold shares of the company. As money came in, the building progressed to the size of a two car garage. When it was completed, it housed the Reo and a new Ford Model A Chemical Truck.

    The building was also used as a meeting room. The fire signal used here was a hoop, hung on an A frame and rung with a sledge hammer. As time went on, wells were put in for easy access to water and air horns later called men to duty. In 1933, the younger men of the company organized a speed racing team. They decided to call themselves the “Rinky Dinks”. They got to use the name when they got permission from the editor and publishers of the then famous Winnie winkle comic strip.

    In 1953, the company’s charter was changed to North Bellmore Engine and Rescue Company No. 2 as the men in the company became trained in first aid procedures. In 1969, a monument was constructed next to the firehouse in memory of all firemen past and present, and has changed shape and design over the years. The bell used on the monument is the original bell used in 1923 to alert residents and call to duty.

    In 1973 the company celebrated it’s 50th anniversary, and in 1976 a new bay was built for a Mack tower ladder which became the first north side truck known as “TOWER 2”. 1978 was a big year for company as well as the department, Three American La France pumpers were purchased by the department and one went to company #2 along with a utility truck which carried the departments 1st Hurst tool equipment. 

    Over the years the company had seen busy years, none more dramatic than the time between 1979 to 1980 was the busiest time with a record 42 working fires, most of the talk around the firehouse seemed to be focused on the most recent fire and talk of the last hurst tool job on the parkway.  There seemed to be little time to talk about few other things due to the busy year.

    In 1982 a group of members started to restore our 1949 mack pumper, by 1983 the restoration group had formed a teamed that would compete in antique drills (musters) they called themselves the 49’ers

    During the 1990’s the company replaced the La France pumpers with two new Pierce pumpers, and the tower ladder was sent to pierce to be refurbished.  Along with the replacement of the utility truck with a saulsbury heavy rescue gave the company apparatus a whole new look.  Not only was the look of the fire apparatus changed but the fire house received a long overdue makeover.  New offices were built, members room redone, meeting hall redone and a new entrance was made.

    1998 the company celebrated it’s 75th anniversary, as well as the department becoming 75 years old.  All members were given a commemorative gold badge to mark the event.

    With the new millennium came more changes in the company.  In 2006 marked the end of the line for tower 2, after 30 years in service the mack tower ladder known as Tower II was sold to. Mifflintown PA. And was replaced by a new KME ladder tower now known as TRUCK 8.  In 2009 the monument was redesigned and built which not only recognizes past members who have passed on but also produced a brick commemorative walkway.  In 2010 the newest engine a Crimson went into service replacing one of the Pierce engines, unit 654.

Current Officers


Brendan Narell


Thomas Couvaris


Kevin Collins

1st Lieutenant

Brian Copper

2nd Lieutenant


Patrick Moore     Patrick Moore

Recording Secretary     Corresponding Secretary

Dianna Rivera

Financial Secretary


Nick Zaharis

Joseph Romandetto



Charlie Burnside

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Andrew Gilroy


Billy Ruggiero


Timothy Green


Bruce Ruggiero


Lee Goldman

Company Historian


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