Academic Experience

Examiner for Doctor of Philosophy

1.       Nicholaus Apostoulos

Principle Examiner for the PhD thesis Multicriteria Decision Making System from the Business School, University of Portsmouth, Southsea, United Kingdom.

2.       Oghaleme Joseph Akomode (1998)

Principle Examiner for the PhD thesis Information Technology supported Risk Assessment for Tendering in Manufacturing Management, University of Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom.


Supervisor for Doctor of Philosophy

1.       Yi-Min Li (Nov 1994)

A Service Quality Performance Evaluation Model For Hotel Service.


2.       Ying-Fang Huang (Jan 1995)

An Analytic Approach To Competitive Strategy Formulation In Quality.


3.       Wen-Jen Han (Sep 1997)

A Dynamic Model for International Strategic Total Quality in the Electrical and Electronic Industry.


4.       Ching-Ho Liu (Sep 1997)

Strategic Activity Model and Management Performance of American, Japanese, and Taiwanese Firms.


5.       Chuan-Chen Wu (Sep 1997)

A Quality Model for an Employee Grievance System.


6.       Tien-Chin Wang (Mar 1998)

A Service Quality Model Matched By A Customized Instrument For Measurement Of Retail Service Sector Performance.


7.       John Gerard Rafferty (Mar 1998)

Robust Weld Quality: Quality System Model for Welding Engineering and Fabrication Methodology In The Petrochemical, Process, Structural And Offshore Industry Sector.


8.       Mohd Azman Idris (Nov 1998) Malaysia Student from SIRIM

A Total Quality Management Implementation Model for Small and Medium Sized Manufacturing Industries.


9.       Chyuan-Yao Wu (Jan 1999)

Improving the Quality of Fish Products Using Conventional and New Methods.


Examiner for Master of Science

1.       Phang Siew Wei (11 October 2006)

Time and Temperature Optimization for Iron-Boron Paired (Fe-B) Dissociation in Silicon Wafers by Surface Photo Voltage (SPV) Method.


2.       Oh Seong Por (3 July 2007)

A Study of an Integrated Innovation Techniques to Achieve Lean Manufacturing Goals, as an Approach to Enhance Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Competitiveness in Malaysia.


External Reviewer for Paper

3.       S. K. Subramaniam, S. H. Husin, Y. Yusop and A. H. Hamidon(3 July 2007)

Data collection using a real time production monitoring system for factors effecting production lines.