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Monday  13-6-2016
Gaeilge:  Abairtí
1.  Téann gach duine go dtí … x3
2.   Tá ** in aice na scoile. x 3

English:  Spelling Workbook p.60
Part 6 Synonyms Part 7 Word Hunt.

Maths:Mental Maths page 72 Monday

RSE Note.
Permission slip - Cycling workshop.

Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 120
1. We have no uniform.
2.  We have a break at ten.
3.  After twelve we have lunch.

English: Scribbles

Maths:   Mental Maths Thursday p.73

Monday 30-5-2016
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch.46
Pairt 7 - "Is breá …… againn."

English:  Unit 15 - first 10 words 
look say cover write 
HBB - use 4 of the words in sentences

Maths:  Mental Maths p.68 Monday 

Monday  23-5-2016
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 44
Páirt 2 Scríóbh; Arís; Agus arís

English:  Spelling Workbook p.57  
8. Wordsearch 5 words  9. Antonyms

Maths: Mental Maths p.66 Monday

Monday 16-5-2016
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch.99
Abairtí meascaithe. 1 - 4.
Maths:  Maths Matters p.149

Thursday 19-5-2016

Monday 9-5-2016
Gaeilge: Litrigh É Linn lch.42 

English: Spelling Workbook p.55
5 Crossword clues.

Maths:  Mental Maths page 64

Thursday 12-5-2016
Gaeilge:  Féach ar an/na ** ildaite. x2
Is breá liom an ** sin. x 2

English: None

Maths: Mental Maths.

Project - thinking and planning.

Monday  25-4-16
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch.86 
agam, agat, aige, aici, againn agaibh acu

English: Write 1 long sentence using as many of the list words as you can.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.60 Monday

Thursday 28-4-2016
Gaeilge:  Níl ann ach ** x2
Níl a fhios acu cá bhfuil an ** x2

English:  Write a letter to a bully.
60 - 100.  (In poem form???) HBB

Maths:  Mental Maths Wednesday.

Monday 18- 4-2016
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 90 Ceol Draoíchta
1.  What's wrong with you, friend?
2.  We will open the box now.
3.  Do you want breakfast?
4.  She said I didn't have permission.

English:  Spelling Workbook Unit 13
Crossword p.51 over 2 nights.

Creative Writing Project

Maths: Mental Maths p.58 Monday.

Thursday 21-4-2016
Gaeilge:  Tá ** agam duit x 3
Tá ** ina lámh aici. x 3

English:  Spelling Workbook p.52 Q.5

Maths: Mental Maths Thursday

Monday 11-4-2016
Gaeilge: Sin É lch. 85
There's a big cooker in the middle of the kitchen.
There are plates and cups on the dresser.
You can put loads of food in the fridge.

English:  Spelling Workbook p.48
Jumbled words. a - f

Maths: Mental Maths Monday p.56

Gaeilge:  0
English:  0
Maths: Mental Maths p.57 Thursday

Monday 4-4-2016

Déardaoin  7-4-2016
Gaeilge: HBB 
Istigh sa ** bhí ** x 3
Bhí dath ** ar an ** x 3

English:  Spelling Workbook Crossword p. 47 10 clues

Maths: Mental Maths Thursday p. 55

Here's a reminder of how to add fractions.


Dé Luain     7-3-2016
Gaeilge:  Faic
English: Scribbles writing or typing.
Maths:  Mental Maths p.50 Monday
SESE:  Find some world events that took place in the years on our School Timeline.
My Strongest Memory.

Learn Song for 
Assembly Wednesday

"Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (Theme Song)"

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air

In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground was where I spent most of my days Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school When a couple of guys who were up to no good Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
She said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air'

I begged and pleaded with her day after day
But she packed my suitcase and sent me on my way She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket. I put my Walkman on and said, 'I might as well kick it'.

First class, yo this is bad
Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass. Is this what the people of Bel-Air living like? Hmm this might be alright.

But wait I hear they're prissy, bourgeois, all that
Is this the type of place that they just send this cool cat? I don't think so
I'll see when I get there
I hope they're prepared for the prince of Bel-Air 

Dé Luain 29-2-2016
Litrigh É Linn lch.36
Liosta iomlán - scríobh & arís
TG4 - 5 nóiméad

English: Nowt

Maths:  Mental Maths Monday p.48

Deardaoin 3-3-2016

English: Scribbles story.

Maths: Faic

2nd last swimming lesson.

Dé Luain 22-2-2016
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 68  HBB
Look at the old clothes on her.
You will take this doll back.
What about your new shoes?
English:  Spelling Workbook p.40
Section 5  6  and 7

Maths:  Mental Maths p.46 Monday

Note about Afroéire

Thursday Déardaoin 25-2-2016
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 75  Bán

English: Spelling Workbook Wordsearch 
10 words  page 41

Maths:  Mental Maths p.47 Thursday

Geography:  Where on Earth p. 33 
Section C and D

Monday 15-2-2016
Gaeilge:  HBB
Nár thug mé ** duit? x 3
Theastaigh uaim an ** a choimeád. 
x 3

English:  Spelling Workbook p.39
Part 4

Maths:  Mental Maths p.44 Monday

Gaeilge: Litrigh É Linn lch. 34
Páirt 3 & 4
English:  Spelling Workbook p.38 
Part 1 & 2
Maths:  Mental Maths Monday p.42
Project: Due Friday 12th 

Thursday  Déardaoin 11-2-2016
Gaeilge:  1. We bought a lovely doll.
2.  Didn't I give you twenty euro?
3.  She showed the doll to her mam.

English: 5 Crossword clues p. 39

Maths:  Mental Maths Thursday p.43

Project: Due  TOMORROW Friday 12th 

 Monday  1-2-2016
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 65 Ceist 4 5 6

English:  Spelling Workbook p 35
Crossword 10 clues

Maths: Mental Maths p. 40 Monday

Thursday  Déardaoin  4-2-2016

Gaeilge:  Scríobh 4 abairtí ag úsáid:
doirteal  sconna  bláthanna  fuinneoga

English:  Spelling Workbook p.37
Part 9 and 10 words from Wordsearch.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.41  Thursday.

Project: 1 Week to go.

Monday 25-1-2016
Gaeilge: Thosaigh mé ag ** x 2
Níor thosaigh mé ag ** x 2
Ar thosaigh tú ag ** ? x 2

English:  4 sentences using:-
magazine, trampoline, quarantine, engine

Maths: Mental Maths p. 38 Monday

Project: Britain A to Z.

Thursday 28-01-2016
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 31 Páirt 2
English:  Spelling Workbook page 34
Part 1 and 2.

Maths: Thursday Mental Maths p39

Project: Britain A to Z. 
Due date Feb 12th.

Monday 18 - 1 - 2016
Gaeilge: Sin É lch. 60
1.  Here's something grey.
2.  I can't find my uniform.
3.  Every drawer is open.
4.  Aoife put the clothes on.

English:  4 sentences using words from the Revision List page 32.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.36 Monday

Thursday   Déardaoin  21-1-2016

Gaeilge:  Seo rud *(dath éigin)*x 3.
Chuir Elvis ** air x 2.
Chuir Britney ** uirthi x 2

English:  Spelling Workbook p. 32,33
Section 6  and finish 7 Wordsearch.

Maths:  Mental Maths Thursday p.37


Monday  11-1-2016
Gaeilge: Sin É lch. 58   HBB
1.  Do I need a jumper?
2.  I'll put in three swimsuits.
3.  Daddy is helping him.
4.  Now the bag is full.

English: 4 Sentences using:-
worthwhile;  keyboard; guidelines; nightmare

Maths: Mental Maths p 34 Monday

Geography:  Where On Earth Unit 6
pages 14 & 15  Section A & B.

 SWIMMING - `payment & permission.
Adult helper.

Thursday 14-1-2016
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch.29
Páirt 3 i do HBB.

English:  4 sentences using:-
afterwards,  eyesight, lifestyle, therefore.

Maths: Mental Maths p.35

Monday 4-1-2016

Thursday  7-01-2016

Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch.26 27
Páirt 5 & 6

English: 5 Crossword clues p.31

Maths: Mental Maths Thursday p.33

Gaeilge:  Sin É lch 175
Ceist 3, 4, 5.

English:  Typing Scribbles 

Maths:  Mental Maths page 30  Monday

Thursday  17-12-2015

Monday 7-12-2015

Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 173 Lúbra Focal

English: 4 sentences using :-
bauble, artificial, celebration, invitation, ceremony.
Scribbles story

Maths: Mental Maths p.28

Learn Together: Advent Calendar  Look up what countries are linked to the dates
December 1 - 6 and be ready for class tomorrow.

Thursday - Déardaoin 
Gaeilge:  Faic

English:  Scribbles

Maths:  Mental Maths p.29 Thursday

Dé Luain 30-11-2015

Gaeilge: Litrigh É Linn lch.23

English:  My Scribbles story is about …
25 - 50 words

Maths:  Mental Maths p. 26 Monday

THURSDAY - Déardaoin 3-12-2015

Gaeilge:  3 x Abairtí 
An bhfaca tú an ** ar an **?

English:  Bring home English copy.
Write 5- - 150 words of your Scribbles story.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.27 Thursday.

Monday 23-11-2015

Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 41
Líon na bearnaí

English:  Spelling workbook page 24  6 and 7

Maths:  Mental Maths p.24 Monday

Thursday - Déardaoin 26-11-2015

Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 46 & 47
1.  A bit of chocolate does no harm.
2.  Your choice of sweets is here.
3.  That's enough thanks.
4.  That's one euro sixty cent.

English: Spelling Workbook p.25 
Wordsearch 10 words

Maths: Mental Maths p.25 Thursday
Make out 3 quiz questions for the class on Guru Nanak & Sikhism in general.  (not too hard but not too easy either).

Monday 16-11-2015
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 22 Páirt 6

English: Spelling Workbook Unit 6
4 sentences in HBB using 
- mushroom, monsoon, cartoon, tablespoon, snooze.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.22 Monday

History:  Look at northbay.ie website and read documents there.

Ar mhaith libh dul ag ** sa ** x 2
Thug an ** an ** di.  x 2

English:  Spelling Workbook p.23 Part 4

Maths:  Mental Maths Thursday p.23

Active School - 
What I remember about Active Week in June. 
                (30 - 50 words)

You will need to log in as northbay.fifth@gmail.com  and use fivexfive25 as your password.


Gaeilge: Sin É   lch.33
Scríobh as Gaeilge
1.  She puts potatoes & onions in.
2.  Niamh & Saiva start talking.
3.  I love Irish stew.
4.  They go out to the yard.

English:  6 Crossword clues p.19

Maths: Mental Maths p.20 Monday

Learn Together:  Visit this website
You will have to wait for the ad to finish before seeing the video. Sorry!

Thursday   Déardaoin


Monday - Dé Luain   
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 25 
Cuir san ord ceart.

English:  My Spelling Workbook
page. 16  Section 5 & 6

Maths:  Mental Maths Monday p.18

Super Trooper: Penguin Shuffle race or your own physical activity

THURSDAY Deardaoin 
Gaeilge: Litrigh É Linn lch. 17
Scríobh na focail.

English: Unit 5 My Spelling Workbook.
page. 18  1 & 2  Alphabetical order & Antonyms

Maths:  Mental Maths Thursday p.19

Supertrooper: Activity Lay 5 exercise.

MONDAY  19 Oct
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 11
Páirt 6 1 - 6.

English:  Typing Story 
Unit 4 Spelling Workbook p. 14 Part 1

Maths:   Mental Maths p. 16
468  ÷ 18 =

÷    ÷    ÷    ÷    ÷    ÷    ÷    ÷   ÷

Thursday  - Déardaoin
Gaeilge:  D'fhéach sé isteach sa **x2
Tá an ** folamh. x2
Tá ** sa tralaí. x2

English:  5 clues Crossword

Maths:  Mental Maths Thursday p17

Dé Luain  12ú Deireadh Fomhair
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 9
Scríobh & Arís

English:  Typing Scribbles in Google Docs. 10 mins.
My Spelling Workbook  Unit 4 P.14
Look say cover write - Scissors to pliers.

Maths:  Mental Maths p. 14 Monday

THURSDAY - Déardaoin 15ú Deireadh Fomhair
Tá siad ag dul chuig/go dtí ** x 2
Is breá le Mamaí ** x 2
Tá an ** seo go hálainn. x2

English:  Story typing
Poetry Recitation on school website.

Maths:  Mental Maths Thursday p.15

Geography: WOE p. 5 Section F
Bring your ATLAS home.


Gaeilge:  Sin É lch 14
1.  The two girls were delighted.
2.  I am an only child.
3.  Saiva was very nervous.

English:  4 sentences using:-
taught; caught; ought; fought; nought

Maths:  Mental Maths Monday p.12

History: PROJECT due next Monday.

THURSDAY - Déardaoin 8ú
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 16
Meaitseáil A le B - HBB !!!

English:  NOTHING - so you can work on your story and project.

Maths:  Mental Maths Thursday p.13

MONDAY  - Dé Luain  
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 8 Páirt 5

English:  Unit 2 -  4 sentences using 2 list words in each  (4 x 2 = 8)

Maths:  Mental Maths Monday p.10

Thurday - Déardaoin 1-10-2015

Gaeilge:  Sin É lch.14 - HBB
1.  I have to buy myself a new uniform.
2.  Saiva began talking to the girl.
3.  They started talking about the weekend.

English:  Spelling Workbook P.11
Crossword 6 clues

Maths:  Mental Maths Thursday p.11

PROJECT - Monday October 12
   & STORY - Friday October 9

Monday 21 Sept
Gaeilge:  Faic

English:  Nowt/Nada/Rien/Zilch

Maths:  Mental Maths Monday p.8 

History:  Vaccine     Edward Jenner

Thursday   Déardaoin  24 - 9-2015

Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch.7
Páirt 2   'scríobh'  & 'arís'

English:  Spelling Workbook page 9
6 wordsearch words & part 10

Maths:  Thursday Mental Maths

Monday  14-9-15

Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 3
Páirt 8  Ceist 1 - 8 

English:  Spelling Workbook 
page 3 Section 4
page 4 Section 7 
page 5 Find 5 words in Wordsearch

Maths: Mental Maths Monday p. 6

Thursday  Déardaoin
Gaeilge: Litrigh É Linn lch.5
Páirt 3 &  4 

English:  4 Sentences using :-
telescope, telephone, telepathy, telegraph, automatic.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.7 Thursday

Monday 7-9-15

Gaeilge: Litrigh É Linn - Focalchuardach lch. 2

English4 connected sentences 
centre; fibre; theatre; mirror; calculator; tutor; actor

Maths:  Mental Maths Monday p.4

from last Thursday

Thursday  Déardaoin 10-9-15

Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 3 
Páirt 4 & 7

English:  Spelling Workbook page 4
Section 5 and 6  

Maths: Mental Maths p. 5 Thursday

Tuesday 21-6-2016

English:  Scribbles typing.

Audition on Thursday afternoon.

Gaeilge:  Faic

English:  Scribbles story 
100 - 150 words

Maths:  Mental Maths p.72 Tuesday

Tuesday 31-5-2016
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 46

English:  Write a 50 word summary of what has happened in Under The Hawthorn Tree in Chapter 1 & 2.

Maths:  Mental Maths Tuesday p.68

Project:   Deadline June 9th.

Tour Note:  Irish Aid trip this Thursday.
€3.60   Parent Volunteer needed.

5th Class Tour Friday 10th Glendalough
Cost €15

Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 44/45
Páirt 2 agus 3

English:  Spelling Workbook  p.57
5 - 10 words in Wordearch

Maths:  Mental Maths Tuesday p.66

Tuesday 17-5-2016
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 42
Abairtí meascaithe 4 - 8

English: Spelling Workbook 
Finish Crossword page 55

Maths:  Maths Matters p.150 
Questions 1 - 3

Tuesday  10-5-2016
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch.42
Páirt 4   1,2 & 3

Maths:  Mental Maths p.64

Tuesday  26-4-16
Gaeilge:  Faic

English:  Creative writing 10 mins.
Maths:  Mental Maths Tuesday p.60

Staff Meeting

Tuesday 19-4-2016
Gaeilge:  Osclóimid an ** anois. x2
An bhfuil ** uait/uaibh? x 2
Dúirt sí liom nach raibh ** aici. x 2

English:  Story due tomorrow.
Finish Crossword p. 51
Learn Tall Trees for Friday

Maths:  Mental Maths Tuesday


Tuesday 12-4-2016
Gaeilge:  Is féidir an chuid ** a chur 
sa **  x3
Tá ** i lár na cistine. x 3

English:  4 sentences using:-
delightful; awful; wonderful; fearful; neither

Maths:  Mental Maths Tuesday p.56

Tuesday Dé Máirt 5-4-2016
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 82  HBB.
1.  There was a basement in the house.
2.  Róise had her own room.
3.  It was a three storey/floor house.

English:  Spelling Workbook p.46
Unit 12  - Write list once. 
Section 1 and 2

Maths:  Mental Maths p.54

Birds and Eyesight.
Here are links about:

Dé Máirt  8-3-2016
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch.79
Líon na bearnaí: Líne 1 - 7
… i lár an …
Anybody who has something that might be suitable for the time capsule bring it in tomorrow - Wed.
English: Words of Fresh Prince
Maths:  Mental Maths p.50

Dé Máirt  1-3-2016
Gaeilge: An dán - Dracula.
English:  Scribbles Story

Maths:  faic.

Tuesday    Dé Máirt  23-2-2016
Gaeilge:  HBB 
Tógfaidh tú an ** seo ar ais. x3
Cad faoi do ** nua? x 3

English:  4 sentences using:
eighty; queue; beautiful; skewer; subdue.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.46 Tuesday.

Tuesday  16-2-2016

English:  Write a summary of the Lunch Date - 70 - 100 words.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.44 Tuesday

Gaeilge: Faic

English: 4 sentences using:- barbecue; fondue; continue; tissue; rescue; duel.

Project: Due Friday 12th 

Maths:  Mental Maths Tuesday p.42

Tuesday  2-2-2016
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch 66

English:  Finish Crossword p. 35

Maths:  Mental Maths p.40 Tuesday
Reminder:- School closes 12:15 tomorrow for Staff Meeting.

Find your birth year in 

Tuesday 26-1-2016
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 62 Díolachán 
6 cheist.
English:  None
Maths: Mental Maths Tuesday p.38

Geography:  Use the location link above to find the Latitude and Longitude of your house. eg. Cathal's granny's house is N 53 W 6.

Project: Britain A to Z. 
Due date Feb 12th.

Tuesday 19 Jan
Ní féidir liom mo ** a fháil. x 2
Tá gach ** oscailte. x 2

English: 10 words in wordsearch
Part 9 page 33 - Break the code.

Maths: Mental Maths Tuesday p.36

Geography: Learn but do not write
the answers to Q 1 - 6 on page 39.

Tuesday 12-1-2016
Gaeilge:  An bhfuil ** uaim? x 2
Tá ** ag cabhrú leis. x 2
Cuirfidh mé isteach trí **  x 2
Anois tá an ** lán.x 2

English:  5 more clues in crossword p.31

Maths:  Mental Maths p.34 Tuesday

Art:  Look at these websites 
and think about what you would like to arrange in a pattern for Thurs/Friday this week.  We will be photographing the results.

Science:  Optical Illusion - here's one to try.  Can you believe that the squares side by side in both columns are identical?

Swimming Permission slip and money.

Tuesday 5-1-2016


Tuesday  8-12-2015

Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 174
1.  It was decorated with multicoloured lights.
2.  The whole family was in the city centre.
3.  There was a candle in the window.
4.  There was a big crowd at the Christmas tree.

English:  Scribbles - loads of it.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.28 Tuesday 

Dé Máirt  1-12-2015

Gaeilge: An bhfaca tú an ** x 2
An ndeachaigh tú go dtí an ** x 2
An raibh tú ag ** x 2

English:  Spelling Workbook 
8.  5 words in Wordsearch
10.  Rhyming Words

Maths:  Mental Maths p.26 Tuesday
In HBB - 949 divided by   45

Tuesday  24-11-2015

Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 44  Scríobh as Gaeilge
1.  I will eat my dinner and drink a drink.
2.  I'd like to go there.
3.  I'll put it on me.
4.  Do you want anything?

English:  4 sentences using
curfew   withdrew   wound   gruesome  pursuit

Maths:  Mental Maths Tuesday p.24

Tuesday 17-11-2015


Gaeilge:  Cuireann sí ** agus ** isteach ann.x2
Tosaíonn ** agus ** ag **. x 2

English: Finish Crossword p.19

Maths:  Mental Maths Tuesday p.20

NOTE: Trip to Glasnevin Cemetery next Tuesday 17th

Tuesday  Dé Máirt   
Gaeilge:  Sin É lgh. 28 & 29
English:   HBB 4 sentences
binoculars; species; nature; operation
Maths:  Mental Maths Tuesday p.18

Gaeilge: HBB
An bhfuil an ** réidh?x2
Tá a thuilleadh ** uaim. x 2

English:  Type Scribbles story.

Maths:  442 ÷ 17  HBB
Mental Maths Tuesday p.16

Sheet  music of Óró Sé Do Bheath'Abhaile

Sheet music of Little Brown Jug.

Sheet music of Lil' Liza Jane for Tin Whistle
Click To Enlarge

Dé Máirt 13ú Deireadh Fomhair
Gaeilge:  Faic
English:  Nothing
Maths:  Nought  Zero  Nada

TUESDAY 6th October
Gaeilge:  Bhí an-áthas ar (an) ** x 3
Bhí an-imní ar (an) ** x 3
[dochtúir, píolóta, tógálaí, meicneoir, tréidlia, poitigéir]

English:  My Spelling Workbook p.12
Parts 6 & 7

Scribbles story due this Friday.

Maths:  Mental Maths Tuesday p.12

History: PROJECT due next Monday.

Tomorrow is a half day.

TUESDAY    Dé Máirt 29-9-2015
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 14 
1.  I have one brother.
2.  Would you like to come shopping?
3.  The children were all looking at her.

English:  Spelling Workbook Unit 3
Page 10 Sections 1 and 2

Maths:  Mental Maths Tuesday p.10

Geography:  Finish Qs 1 - 10 in WoW p.15 (History & Geography copy.)

Tuesday 22 Sept
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 6
Páirt 6

English:  My Spelling Workbook 
Part 5 & 6  page 8

Maths:  Tuesday Mental Maths p.8

IT:  Paste a picture of your favourite singer/actor/sportsperson into your Project file in the Projects folder.
northbay.fifth            fivefives25

Tuesday 15-9-2015

Gaeilge:  Sin É lch 8 Ag Imirt Peile
Scríobh as Gaeilge: 1. Liam wasn't playing.  2.  The ball hit me.  3. You have a red ear.  HBB
Sampla: What about your neck?
Cad faoi do mhuinéal?

English: 4 Sentences using: transport, transfer, transmit, transplant.

Maths: Mental Maths Tuesday p.6

Tuesday 8-9-15
Gaeilge: HBB
1. Tá mo theaghlach ag lorg ** x 2
Tá mo theaghlach ag lorg *madra*
Tá mo theaghlach ag lorg *bróga nua*
Tá mo theaghlach ag lorg *post*
Tá mo theaghlach ag lorg *cistin*
Tá mo theaghlach ag lorg *teach*
Tá mo theaghlach ag lorg *carr nua*
Tá mo theaghlach ag lorg *cara*
2.  Tá a hathair ag obair i ** x 2
Tá a hathair ag obair i *seirbhís rúnda*
Tá a hathair ag obair in *oifig*
Tá a hathair ag obair i *Siemens*
Tá a hathair ag obair i *gColáiste na Trionóíde*
Tá a hathair ag obair sa *Státseirbhíse*
Tá a hathair ag obair i *gClear Ink*

English: Spelling Workbook 
p.2 sections 1 & 2

Maths: Mental Maths Tuesday p.4

History:  HBB
3 Place names with Bally
3 Place names with Cil/Kil
3 Place names with Rath
    Bring Atlas home - it will help!
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 120
1.  We have loads of homework every night.
2.  There's a dining room in the school.

English:  Scribbles story.

Maths: Mental Maths p.73 Wednesday

Maths: Mental Maths p.71 Wednesday

Tour:  Permission Slip & 1 volunteer
Project:   Finishing off projects due tomorrow.

Wednesday 1-6-2016
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 107 
Líon na bearnaí.

English:  Crossword p.59 Unit 15  
8 clues

Maths:  Mental Maths Wednesday

Project:  Thursday next.

Wednesday 25-5-16

Wednesday 18-5-2016

Wednesday 11-5-2016
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 98 
Scríobh as Gaeilge i do HBB.
1.   Look at the coloured leaves.
2.   I see a squirrel.
3.   The weather is getting worse.
4.   I like those colours.

English:  Spelling Workbook p.54
Parts 1 & 2

Maths: Mental Maths p.65 Wednesday

Wednesday  27-4-16
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 91
1.  There's only a cooker and a table.
2.  They recognize the girl.
3.  They don't know where they are.

English:  Story

Maths: Mental Maths p.61 Wednesday

Wednesday 20-4-2016
Gaeilge:  Faigh sa scéal agus scríobh
1.  There isn't much furniture there.
2.  She has a tin whistle in her hand.
3.  I have bad news for you.
4.  Nobody will know.


Maths: Mental Maths Wednesday

Wednesday 13-4-2016
Gaeilge: Sin É lch. 85
The new kitchen is beautiful.
You can get ice and cold water.

English:  Wordsearch p.49 8 words.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.57 Wednesday

Dé Céadaoin  6-4-2016
Gaeilge: Bhí ** sa teach. x 3
Bhí a ** féin ag ** x 3

English:  4 sentences using:-
already; almighty; altogether, welfare, instil

Maths: Mental Maths p.55 Wednesday

Dé Céadaoin  9-3-2016

Dé Céadaoin 2-3-2016
Gaeilge: Foghlaim na dánta

English:  Scribbles story 5-10 mins.

Maths:  Mental Maths Wednesday p.49

Wednesday Dé Céadaoin  24-2-2016
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 35
Páirt 6 & 7

English:   My Spelling Workbook p.41
Part 9 & 10

Maths:  Mental Maths p.47 Wednesday

Poetry Workshop Thurs 12:15-12:30

Gaeilge: Sin É lch. 68  HBB
1.  What did you buy?
2.  Niamh was ashamed.
3.  Mammy wasn't at all pleased.

English:   Spelling Workbook p. 39
8 clues from Crossword.

Maths:  Mental Maths Wednesday p.43

Project: Due Friday 12th 


Wednesday  3-2-2016
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 33
fuinneoga - sconna 

English:  Spelling Workbook p.36  Q. 6 & 7
Missing Words and Jumbled Words

Maths:  Mental Maths Wednesday p.41

Project:  PROJECT

Wednesday 27-1-2016
Gaeilge:  Faic

English:  4 sentences using:-
imagine, examine, medicine, advise, crevice, promise.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.39 Wednesday

Geography:  Use the location link above to find the Latitude and Longitude of your house to 4 places of decimal.

Project: Britain A to Z. 
Due date Feb 12th.

Wednesday 20 Jan
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 61
Líon na bearnaí.

English:  Fictional Right Here Write Now - The Waiting Room.
50 - 100 words.

Maths:  Mental Maths Wednesday p.37

Geography Project.
Due February 12th.
Google Docs.

Wednesday    13-1-2016
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 28
Scríobh na focail x 3

English: Right Here Write Now 
10 minutes

Maths:  Mental Maths p.35 Wednesday.

Tin Whistle:
G  A   B
G  A   B 
 A  G  F  E  F  G
A  F  D

Science:  The Human Eye
Have a look at this website and watch the video on colour blindness.

Wednesday 6-1-2016
Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 25

English: My Spelling Workbook p.30
Section 1

Maths: Mental Maths p 33 Wednesday

Swimming Note

Gaeilge:  Faic.

English:  Scribbles

Maths: Mental Maths p.31 Wednesday

History:  Read Chapter 4 and be ready to answer questions tomorrow.

Wednesday 9-12-2015

Gaeilge:  Bhí ** mór/beag ag an gcrann. x 2
Bhí ** san fhuinneog.  x 2
Bhí an ** i lár na cathrach. x 2

English:  Spelling Workbook p.27
Crossword 5 clues.
Scribbles - keep going.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.29 Wednesday.

Dé Céadaoin  2-12-2015

Gaeilge:  Litrigh É Linn lch. 24 
5.  Líon na Bearnaí

English:  Write some rhyming couplets using the pairs of rhymes you got last night.
eg.  Not so easy to take a snooze 
When your head feels like one big bruise.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.27 Wednesday.

Learn Together:  Bring in symbol.

In winter fire is beautiful
Beautiful like a song
In winter snow is beautiful
All of the winter long

And you, little son come safely home
Riding the tail of the wind
May you always come this safely home
In winter, fire and snow

The day gets dark uneasily
Darker and darker still
And you are gone to Carnevale
And I feel the winter chill

But you, little son come safely home
Riding the tail of the wind
May you always come this safely home
In winter, fire and snow

In winter fire is beautiful
Beautiful like a song
In winter snow is beautiful
All of the winter long
All of the winter long

Wednesday 25-11-2015


Wednesday 18-11-2015
Gaeilge: Litrigh É Linn lch. 20
Scríobh na focail ar an liosta.

English: 8 clues in Crossword p.23

Maths: Mental Maths Wednesday p23

Gaeilge: Faic
English: Nowt
Maths: Zero

Wednesday    Dé Céadaoin 
Gaeilge:  HBB
Is breá leis na páistí ** don lón. x3
Tá ** agus ** ar an gcéad seilf. x 3
English:  Finish VE & A question 1 - 6
Write a diary entry/letter for a German solider in Denmark. (30 words min.)
Maths: Mental Maths p.19 Wednesday

Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 24
1.  He looked into the fridge.
2.  There are veggies in the trolley.
3.  The fridge is empty.
4.  Then he bought drinks.

English:  5 clues in Crossword p.15

Maths:  578 ÷ 26
Mental Maths p.17 Wednesday


Dé Céadaoin 14ú Deireadh Fomhair
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 20
1.  They are going to a restaurant.
2.  It was very tasty.
3.  This place is beautiful.
4.  Mammy loves Chinese meals.

English:  Typing story.

Maths:  Mental Maths Wednesday p15

Geography:  Where On Earth p. 5 
Section E.

Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 15 Ceisteanna 1 - 6

English:  Scribbles story.

Maths:  Mental Maths Wednesday p.13

History: Project due next Monday.

Project - History
 [Project #1 Sept 2015 -  Submission date Oct 12]    
3 inventors  (1 from WoW History textbook)
2 inventions that you like from modern day
1 invention that you would like to invent

75 - 150 words on each inventor 
5 - 10 pictures, maps or diagrams (total no.)

Logging on to Google Drive.
Go to www.google.ie  or www.google.com

Make sure nobody is signed in (click on circle in top right corner if unsure) Log out if they are.  If "Sign In" blue box shows then click it.  You may get a list of already visited accounts or you might just be asked to add an account.  Do that.  

Ask Google to remember it.

Once in go to Drive either in 3x3 grid or on top menu ie. Web  Images More etc.

Go to "Shared With Me" folder and to 5th class 2015-2016.  Project and Stories folders should be visible.

WEDNESDAY  Dé Céadaoin 30-9-2015

Gailge: Tá ** amháin agam. x 2
Ar mhaith leat teacht ag ** x 2

English:  Nothing.

Maths:  Mental Maths p.11

History: Read chapter in History book and start thinking about/researching your project.

Wednesday 23 Sept
Gaeilge:  Sin É lch. 10 An bhfaca 

English:  4 sentences using:-
autobiography; autograph; antidote;
anticlockwise; fulfil.

Maths:  Wednesday Mental Maths p.9

IT - Type up your poem about dreams


Gaeilge:  Bhuail an ** mé. x 3
Tá ** dhearg/buí/gorm agat. x3  HBB
Ní raibh Liam ag ** x 3

English:  Spelling Workbook p.7
6 Crossword clues.

Maths: Mental Maths Wed. p.7

Wednesday 9-9-15
Gaeilge: Litrigh É Linn lch.3 Páirt 6

English: 4 sentences using:
cellar  popular  particular  humour labour  (HBB)

Maths: Mental Maths p.5 Wednesday

Learn Together: My Opinion on breaking rules and punishment.  (LT)