About Me

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Science (Fall 2012 onwards) at the University of Texas at Austin,USA. I have a bachelors in Computer Science & Information Systems from Birla Institute of Technology & Science (Pilani) India.

The application of Artificial Intelligence to create a recommendation system fascinates me; it is indeed very satisfying to help individuals make good choices. There is a widespread need to organize large amounts of data and make it useful. But can we rely on intelligent systems to make sense of the data? The extent of dependability of intelligent systems to take crucial decisions using this data has aroused my interest in the areas of 'Machine Learning', 'Natural Language Processing' and 'Data Mining'.
Being highly motivated by the idea of writing efficient and optimal algorithms, in the long term, I wish to conduct pioneering research in an academic set up. I believe my education and research experience has equipped me to work towards this objective.

Areas of Interest:

Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks and Applications.

I am a die-hard Unix fan and passionate about gaming (specifically strategy games like Age of Empires-Conquerors Expansion), writing, sketching, and trekking.

My full CV can be downloaded here.