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Element 115

      Element 115 (also known as Ununpentium and abbreviated Uup) is the 115th element on the periodic table of elements. Element 115 plays a role in the Nazi Zombie Story. According to the radio messages in Shi No Numa and Der Riese and by character quotes, it is extensively used by Group 935. In reality, Uup is normally a synthetic element, meaning it does not exist in nature and must be created in a laboratory. In the Nazi Zombies storyline, however, Uup (referred to only as Element 115) is harvested from meteorites that have fallen into warring powers' territory. The only one of these meteors that can be seen by the player is found in Shi No Numa. Said meteor is red in color, emits a strange noise and has electrical pulses flickering across its surface. Shooting it will bring certain quotes by the characters dealing with the rock. Judging by numerous references in game to different locations where actual meteors have fallen, it can be assumed that the sites of the Tunguska explosion and Area 51 have yielded amounts of Element 115.

      Initially, theories suggested that Element 115 was what created the original zombies. When it was realized that they could not be controlled, the program was shut down, but they still had many dead soldiers in the facility that were going to be turned into zombies. Then the unexpected arrival of the Shi No Numa meteor released a large dose of Element 115 which reanimated all the dead soldiers in the facility. This has not yet been proven, but Element 115 is known to be what powers the Wunderwaffe DG-2, as well as the teleporters in Der Riese.